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How can wedding photography bring charm to your wedding?


Decked up in grand outfits, amidst the colorful and festive ambience, every bride and her better-half would give a welcome smile to every well-wisher who comes to bless them on their best day. But another place where their eyes focus is the camera. It is perhaps once in a lifetime event of joy, bonding and sharing of love. A beautiful picture visualizing the candid actions of the couple, family and every wedding attendee would help to cherish these memories in the years to come.

Wedding photography needs professionalism and it’s not an easy task. Crafting wedding photography is like scribing pieces of literature, it should tell stories the moment you have a sight at the picture. No wonder why good photographers are associated with artists. Wedding photoshoot also requires patience and bonding with the couple. Otherwise, the couple would find it difficult to pose for the picture. Have you seen old wedding photographs where the couples don’t really find it cool to pose for their own wedding? But this is not the case anymore; every wedding bucket list has space to find the best wedding photographers. If you are one of the couples whose dream wedding is approaching, BSEpic is all here to offer you with the best wedding photographers in Bangalore. Our team of highly creative and experienced photographers can make your wedding photo shoot easy and fun without compromising on the quality.

Wedding photography packages that we offer at BSEpic gives you a variety of options to choose including pre-wedding, wedding day, candid etc… When the D-day comes, it is obvious for the couple to get happy as well as a little panicked as they have to face a lot of crowds and present themselves in the best possible way. After all, all the decors and arrangements deserve to be captured so that the next generations could witness the happiest moments through pictures that are taken with the utmost care and creativity.

If you are looking for the candid wedding photography team, contact BSEpic and get mesmerized with our work like never before. We make sure that every wedding photoshoot we take up turns out unique in its own way. Have a look at our portfolio to get an insight into the beautiful journey we have taken and hundreds of happy faces we have captured so far.

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Unsung Hero : Madan Yadav

Unsung Hero

Madan Yadav

Name Madan Yadav
Place Bihar
Career Tutor

No Roads or Electricity, but the School in this village is in Excellent Condition. Thanks to One Man. Badwankala, a small village in Bihar, is located 1,500 feet above sea level. This hilltop village has no electricity, water and even connectivity to the main road. It was only a few months ago that the first vehicles started reaching this place, otherwise there was no other way to get here but to walk. Most people in this remote area haven’t even stepped out of the village their entire lives. But there is a man here who runs a school where students recite English poems, excel academically, and are dressed like private school students.

“Our village is just like what it was when the country became independent. We are stuck in 1947. There are no facilities. Can you believe that people here have not even seen a train in their entire lives?” asks Madan.

Madan completed his primary education in Badwankala and then went off to a school located 20 km far from the village. After completing intermediate college, he worked as a school teacher in a private school for five years. But the sad state of education in his own village kept haunting him. “There is literally no facility in our village. We have to walk at least a kilometre to fetch water. There is no electricity and there are no roads. I do not have words to explain the misery of the residents here. I contacted the government officials so many times but no action was taken by them,” says Madan. “The condition of the school was terrible. It was started in 1953 but hardly anyone went to the school. I opened the locks and took charge,” he recalls.

He started spreading the awareness about education in the village and asked people to send their kids to school. To better the facilities and attract more students, he made the best possible use of the government’s Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. Free books, uniforms, mid-day meals. and financial incentives were part of the programme and Madan utilised them to the full.

“Around 500 students from two nearby villages come to attend the school. I try my best to teach them too, but I cannot do everything. We need more teachers and facilities, at least to draw village children to the school” he says. “There are only six rooms here. We need at least four more to accommodate the students. Also, the playground’s boundary wall is broken. We need to repair that and fix the ground, which is uneven and students sometimes hurt themselves while playing. We are not asking much from the government. All we want is some more teachers and more rooms, as we are not able to manage 500 students in such tiny premises. When the country is progressing so much, it hurts me to see this region being neglected. Don’t these people have the right to lead a better life?” asks Madan.


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Unsung Hero : Munnesa Managuli

Unsung Hero

Munnesa Managuli

Name Munnesa Managuli
Place Karnataka
Career BA Graduate

A true hero from Karnataka is providing free rides to pregnant women, physically-disabled people, soldiers and people who are living in border areas.

Mr. Managuli proudly plastered his contact details over his auto and he was very much clear about to whom he has offered free service. The 42 year old BA graduate faced unemployment and that was the reason why he choosed driving auto 11years ago. Munnesa isn’t the owner of the auto but has to cough up Rs 250 a day to use the vehicle to ferry passenger.

When we asked about the inspiration behind his selfless act where Mr.Managuli narrates a heartbreaking story, one set in 1992. He was in Narayanapura village in Basavanabagewadi taluk, Karnataka where he saw a pregnant woman died in front of him. The reason was that she did not get an ambulance or any other vehicle, to visit the hospital. This incident struck him and he decided to become an auto driver who would provide free services to such people.

Mr.Managuli lost his brother so he took up the responsibility of his sister-in-law and her four daughters and wanted to give them a comfortable life. This is one of the main reasons why Munnesa is still unmarried and plans to remain the same for rest of the life.
For this humble man, it’s enough to live a life. In a world full of self-centred people, it is folks like Karnataka’s Munnesa that helps to restore our faith in humanity.


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