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Discover the Useful Tips for Couples Photography

BSEpic - Couples Wedding Photography

We understand as wedding photographers, every pre-wedding photo shoot is a necessary factor and is also considered as an opportunity to create something different. It is our effort to create magic in pictures every time.  Moreover, we pick our preferable sites, arrange our lighting, adjust the best lenses on our exclusive cameras and visualize the magic we’re going to create. In this preparation, one of the truly essential parts that could help to create beautiful pictures is the posing of the wedding couple. Poses will create the beautiful portrait of the wedding couple.

Being before the camera is normally out of the vast majority’s comfort ranges of familiarity. Also, being close to a group of people may appropriately appear to be overwhelming. So regularly, we may end up guiding the couple without much of any person. Presently, as experts, we can’t get disappointed and frustrated. As individuals who’ve done this a hundred times, we must enable their experience to be certain and advance the shoot.

Below you will find some useful tips for your wedding photo shoot.

  1. Make them comfortable and convenience
    if you are expert in making people comfortable, you have achieved the first step for your beautiful pictures. However, few couples are truly very shy for cameras. Therefore, you need to understand them better and treat them as your friends, more than as your clients. Before getting them to the photo shoot, you need to have a friendly conversation before the shoot. Try to get what they expect in their shoot. Make them look at you, rather than your camera. This will lead to super candid pictures.
  2. Arrange your shoot as per the couple
    The more you know your wedding couple, the chances of your shoot going admirably will be considerably more. Become more acquainted with their identities – in and out, their comfort level with closeness and you’ll know how to approach and plan their shoot. Obviously, this would function admirably during a pre-wedding shoot in light of more opportunity to plan and execute the thoughts. In any case, notwithstanding, when you’re hard-in a rush to get pictures during the busy wedding, this essential information will enable you to coordinate your shots and poses rapidly.
  3. Take motivation for posing
    Try not to restrict yourself to simply wedding photography. Take a look at fashion magazines, films and motion picture advertisements, and different types of artworks such as painting and sculptures for motivation. You could even browse for other’s portfolio and implement in your shoot if they really inspired you. Moreover, you can create a list of beautiful poses and implement them for every wedding couple photo shoot. However, the concept is to enhance yourselves as professional photographers as well as create something unique for your couple each time.
  4. Include motion in the frame
    The commencement of a shoot is always a little difficult. Therefore, we propose including some motion in the frame to make them have fun. You can even ask the groom-to pick the bride and roll her. There are no limits to this of imagination. This will lead to their comfort zone and you can obtain several beautiful pictures in return. However, never rush or urge them to do something they’re not comfortable with.
  5. Evoke emotions and intimacy
    Once you’ve gotten your couple in the pose and position you prefer – include depth to the image by suggesting emotions. The trick is to provide the couple a fundamental physical preparation as a beginning point and let them do their thing. Therefore, we have a few tips that work well for us each time. Ask the groom to whisper something funny in the bride’s ear. Or make him touch her cheeks with his finger. This little trick works for us every single time. You’ll recognize what will work in the event that you’ve gotten your work done and accumulated data about their dynamic as a couple and a person.

We hope, the above tips will be truly useful for you, if you are a wedding photographer and struggling for couple posing. If you need more information or more essential tips to enhance your skills, visit:

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Discover The Tips for The Best Pre-Wedding Locations

BSEpic - Best Pre-Wedding Location

Pre-wedding are truly amusing as the future wedding couple is getting ready to know each other. This concept has been invented for the healthier understanding of the couple and improves their romantic side. However, it is not necessary to have included in the wedding investment. Moreover, Pre-wedding is also named as Engagement photo shoot. In the Indian wedding ceremony, Engagement is the truly important occasion, where both the families will assure that they will become one family and make their children get married.

While planning for the pre-wedding photo shoot, one of the most important factors is to choose the best location. However, it doesn’t indicate that location is everything, even in a less famous location; we can capture the best pictures. These truly depend on the photographer’s skill and experience and the technique he is handling. Furthermore, it is always best if the locations chosen by you will connect you both with your college, the place he proposed you, the first destination, you both met etc.

However, if you are so much confused by the location and want to explore the new sites, this article you give the complete guideline for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Below you will find the most romantic locations where your love will grow and your beauty will enhance. We have provided this list as we found they are most beautiful and most considerable for the photo shoot. Let us begin with nature:

  1. Nature and natural Landscape
    We Indians have been blessed with all sorts of seasons and remarkable landscapes. Depending on your preference, you can choose your landscape that suits your photo-shoot. Just look for the best location for you, like the beach or dessert, autumn or snow, mountains or rivers, etc. Happy and lovable wedding couples create the most beautiful pictures, and the best photographer will capture the love between them.
  2. Tradition buildings
    If you want to snap a Minuit in time in a location that requires no description, we suggest you select heritage or traditional buildings. It truly gives a “King and Queen feel” to your pictures. The heritage constructions have stood for years, and still remaining unique for the generations.
  3. Forts and Palaces
    expecting your pre-wedding shoot will look like you lived in the old golden years, never worried about it, we have numerous stunning locations all over the country and in India. Several forts and palaces have been converted into shooting spots. If you want a royal look to your photographs, then this concept is just for you. These locations have the look of history and royalty while offering modern features at the same time.
  4. Hotels and resorts
    If you are searching for the location with a Luxury look; you will find several luxury resorts with remarkable architecture and beautiful landscapes. This will help your photographer to create magic. Numerous resorts and hotels around India offer great packages, especially for pre-wedding photo shoots.
  5. Streets
    When we tell street, you will get amazed. You will think that how the street will be the best location for the pre-wedding photo shoot. As Photographers, we prefer the vibration and the colours in the streets. It’s ideal in case you’re up for accomplishing something adventurous and aren’t afraid to venture out of your usual range of familiarity. Go out for a walk in your most loved street of the city, possibly more seasoned parts of town, never think the photographer exists and get lost in investing time with your future husband or wife!

Finally, all that matters is your choice a location that reflects your love. If you are in love and feel happy with your partner, the pictures will reflect it. Therefore, never choose the location that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Reach for your photographer and have some new location ideas. We, BSEpic, will truly understand your thoughts and ideas and we arrange for the best location that certainly reflects your love. We make you feel relaxed for your wedding by arranging everything for you. Our photographs will always convey a message to the viewers and enhance love between you and your loved one. For more information about us, visit:

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India Kudimagan – Movie Success Meet done by Cinema Calendar

BSEpic - India Kudimagan Movie Success Meet

BSEpic recently released its third short film “INDIA KUDIMAGAN”, a story based on the true condition of a freedom fighter. The film covers an old man and its patriotism towards our nation. The short film has been released on 9th March 2018, as a true dedication to our Incredible India. “INDIA KUDIMAGAN” is the bundle of the effort of an efficient team and their hard work. The film is starring the well-known “RAHUL THATHA”. He grabbed audience attention through his tremendous acting. The musical team has nailed their masterpiece in this INDIA KUDIMAGAN. Once again thanks for our cast and crew to support this movie. We dedicate this movie success to our cast and crews and social media partners.

Starring: Rahul Thatha
Director: Prithvi Moses
Producer: L. Nirmal Raj
Cinematography: Kalaiarasan
Editing: Venkat Ramanan
Music: Yuthishtran
Keys & Add prog: Jefin S Salmon JP
Sound effects: Hari Krishnan
Story: Daniel Raj

As a result of our hard work and timeliness effort, we have reached 31k views on our social media partner Facebook. After loads of research on our media partners, we finally found out right one as cinema partner CINEMA CALENDAR. They are the one who released our Short film on the Facebook page. As a result, within a short period – we have got tremendous reach for our movie from cinema calendar FB. We sincerely thank CINEMA CALENDAR, our social media partner for their tremendous support. Cinema Calendar is doing a fabulous job and we strongly recommend them to everyone as wonderful social media partner. We are willing to continue this partnership as long-term with Cinema Calendar. In addition, even before the movie release, they have support movie poster release, given musical suggestions and movie related suggestion and all of the promotional activities. We sincerely thank Cinema Calendar to be our social media partner and would like to have the long-term support.

Furthermore, our YouTube channel reached up to 100 subscribers. We will continue to post as many videos as possible that will also reach the highest views and grab the first place in social media. We say thanks from our heart for our Digital Partner LUXE Entertainment and our Social Media Partner Cinema Calendar.

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BSEpic as The 13th Badge Winner of Top 40 Indian Photography Blogs by FEEDSPOT

BSEpic - Badge Winning by Feedspot

As the result of our hard work, BSEpic has been announced as the 13th Badge winner of the top 40 Indian Photography blogs by the famous content reader FEEDSPOT. On 8th March 2018, Feedspot has release top 40 Indian Photography Blogs List for the week 10. This list will be filtered from the thousands of top Indian Photography blogs from their index utilizing their search and social metrics. This winning list will be updated once in a week.

Feedspot is the top free online content reader where we can post all our blogs, contents and even news as feed submission. It is the best platform that allows us to read all our preferable and favorite blogs and news from various websites in one place. There is no need for visiting multi-website to read their contents. Feedspot enables the people to discover what is going trendy. The team includes 4 top people: Vineet Agarwal (Founder, Engineering); Anuj Agarwal (Founder, Product); Scott Cook (Biz Dev); and Scott Granados (Networking). They form the strong team with complete knowledge in content reading.

Features of Feedspot:

  1. We can add our favorite Blogs, News websites, RSS Feeds, YouTube Channels and Social sites accounts to our Feedspot account and read new updates from one place.
  2. Using a content reader helps us to keep up with our top information sources – content comes straight to us, saving our time to go and check every site on our own.
  3. Feedspot also keeps track of which items we have read, so we only see the unread items when we come back, even when we login to different devices.

Feedspot chooses the bloggers winning list based on the 4 categories mentioned below:

  1. Google reputation and Google search ranking
  2. Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  3. Quality and consistency of posts.
  4. Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Thanks to Feedspot for choosing our blogs. We take this is our starting point to achieve more badges from your side. Your honourable Badge will boost us to launch more blogs regarding our domain. You have given us the true challenge to stand top in the game. Now we proudly add your Badge to our official site.

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BSEpic – 2nd Photography Workshop Successfully Launched at Fatima College Madurai

As a worthy start of the New Year 2018, BSE pic has commenced its first project with the One Day Photography Workshop, conducted on 22nd January 2018 at FATIMA COLLEGE, MADURAI. The workshop started around 11am, nearly 35 students participated in this workshop. They were truly very creative and interactive as our workshop filled with several questions and beautiful thoughts.

We covered 4 major topics that gave profound knowledge to the budding participants. The topics were History of Camera (interesting information about the camera); Fundamentals of Photography (Basic operation of the Camera); Functionalities of Camera (Workflow of the Digital Camera) and Professional photography (Involves tips and tactics). Furthermore, students learned about photography through our excellent guidance with power-point projects. A general assumption is girls will never be that much creative and attentive, but to be honest, we found that the girl participants are more interactive and enthusiastic to explore the domain than boys.

We proudly say that through this workshop, the participants will improve their knowledge in creativity, strategies, and techniques in photography. These tips and tactics would certainly help them to become the professional photographers.

As a compliment, we had provided them a valid Certification as a gift of participation in the photography Workshop. The certification had been offered by our Creative Head of BSEpic – MR. PRITHVI MOSES. He is a skilled photographer, instructor, and versatile short filmmaker. He won the award “The Best Cinematographer” for his first ever short film – “Doctor Gandhi”. His innovation takes him to Judging level in photography. He is one of our priding pillars in BSEpic – People in Creation.

For more detail, please contact “Prithvi: 9600704660″. Visit our professional site:  to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Enhance and improve your knowledge through our innovative site.

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BSEpic Second Photography Workshop at Fatima College Madurai

Join us for our second photography workshop going to happen in Madurai. BSEpic is literally planning to conduct one-day photography workshop for the budding photographers on 22nd January 2018, around 10 AM to 4 PM, at FATIMA COLLEGE, MADURAI. Our workshop is going to happen in a hall that involves 20 seats and free entry pass. To make our session more interactive and more interesting, we prefer only 20 students who want to be the professional photographer. The choice will base on your core of interest and your lively participation. Anyone can be the participant and get profound knowledge from our experts.

The main attraction towards this workshop is all our photography experts are going to be the part of it. Our workshop covers mainly 4 aspects: History of Camera; Fundamentals of Photography; Functionalities of Camera and Professional photography. Our experts are going to give an elaborated speech on each topic which considered as the basics of photography. The session will be helpful for you to understand the basis of your camera, the art of binding the shot and making flawless pictures, and perceiving how to make the best usage of natural light. We happily say that this course will be helpful to improve your photography style, creativity and technique in photographic advancement. Our experts will trade data and photography tips. Our workshop will be the essential wandering stone for the people who are looking for photography as a passion.

Our workshop covered 4 main topics:
1. History of the camera – A short history of photography camera and some interesting information about its parts and features.
2. Fundamentals of photography – Information about the basics of operating a camera and complete details about the digital cameras and its equipment’s.
3. Functionalities of the camera – This topic covers the workflow of camera and how to make use of it to snap the splendid pictures.
4. Professional photography – This session involves the techniques, strategies and skills for photography.

For more detail, please contact Prithvi – Creative Head: +91 9600704660

Visit our professional site: to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Explore your photography knowledge through our site.

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