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Find the Important Factors for the Stunning Digital Photography

BSEpic - Digital Photography

Digital cameras in today provide stunning high- quality that contest directly with film industries. These digital cameras can be operated just like traditional cameras, however, with a few extra aspects. Complicated cameras are rapidly coming out of the marketplace because photographers never prefer critical usage cameras. Several things about digital cameras are similar to cameras used in the film industries. Some of the huge differences can actually assist you to capture superb photographs. Let us begin with the types of cameras used for the best quality pictures:

Types of cameras

  • Digital cameras
    Digital cameras arrive with a wide range of forms, from basic to advanced digital SLRs. There is no good or bad type, though a particular one can be the best for your photography.
  • Simple point-and-shoot digital cameras
    Simple point-and-shoot digital cameras can provide stunning high- quality when they have the perfect lenses and sensors. However, they are completely spontaneous in focus and contact. They have limited competences for capturing the picture, even though few very cheap cameras often have white balance controls. Some are remarkably small, able to suit easily into a shirt pocket and are very handy. Therefore, you won’t miss a great photo opportunity.
  • Advanced point-and-shoot cameras
    Advanced point-and-shoot cameras are identical in that they mostly depend on automatic controls; nevertheless, these cameras tend to include special features to make the cameras a little more flexible. Such features include exposure compensation, white balance controls, limited manual settings, and more. Still relatively inexpensive, these cameras can be a good introduction to digital and are perfect for the families of serious photographers.

Have a perfect start for the best pictures
The best way to obtain the best pictures from the digital camera is to have a perfect plan from the beginning. You will find numerous guidelines on the internet to help you capture the best moments. The best photography is always considered as art and craft; moreover, it is about comprehending the tools of the craft and using them in a perfect way; the good photography will always have the ability to capture an image that grabs the viewers’ attention and interacts well.

The fundamental
The most widely recognized mistake individuals make is camera shake. When you moved the camera accidentally at the time you press the screen, you hazard the possibility of obscuring your picture or decreasing the sharpness of the picture.

Your point-and-shoot camera will perhaps have an autofocus zoom lens. The zooming effect of a point-and-shoot camera is truly remarkable. Utilize your zoom lens and capture your picture with the subject, fitting your frame. Utilizing the viewfinder, you can able to find numerous pictures that can fit your frame.

Shifting the point of view
The most important thing to be considered is your point of view. A simple picture can be more interesting and more attractive when taken from a different angle. Never feel shy to put you down and capture your subject. This will give the most stunning look to your pictures. In these days, several photographers are climbing the trees, lying in the pond and mud, standing in the middle of the bushes to capture the mind-blowing pictures.

Transferring Digital Images
Todays’ Digital cameras built some way of shifting the pictures to the desktop. This usually includes some sort of cable wire, although some cameras are using infrared and other wireless technologies. The direct connection may not be the best way for photographers to get photos onto the computer’s hard drive, however. Many people find a card reader much more convenient.

Now you will have a better idea of the best photography and how to click the best shot. If you want to explore your knowledge of photography, then you can reach BSEpic. BSEpic is a leading and creative photography company that offers the best service to the customers. They are truly experts in this domain and can help you to sort out all the difficulties in photography. For more information about BSEpic and to view their portfolio, visit our official website:

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Preserve Our Hidden History

BSEpic-Preserve Our Hidden History

BSEpic, the leading innovative photography company, went for a photo shoot to Madurai. The shoot has been arranged at the most famous temple KALLALAZHAGAR. While searching for the location, we found a hidden historical place without maintenance. It is more like empty dry dessert. However, the place has a small temple in the middle and surrounded by the steps which have been filled with Pilgrimage symbols. After researching, we found that the place is the tank that belongs to the temple KALLALAZHAGAR. To make you aware of this historical tank, BSEpic proudly presents this blog.

It would be a great pain to say Indians don’t value history. There exists an assumption that the people consider only the statues rather than their historical epigraphies. Our ancient people left numerous written records that speak about our history and our prosperity. They aren’t only recorded events in palm leaves and copper plates, but also they left them in our Temple walls and building stones. Even when we visit some 1000 or 100 years old temple, we can see several epigraphies which found non-maintained. Not only epigraphies but also several historical places and their values have put into the dark without the knowledge of Tamilnadu people.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Hidden Historical Place

To the people’s view, Madurai in Tamilnadu is considered as the ideal pilgrimage place. When we heard about the word Madurai, we tend to think of MADURAI MEENAKSHI TEMPLE. Moreover, it also has a KALLALAZHAGAR Temple and Karmegha Perumal Temple in Madurai for Vaishnavites (those who worship Lord Vishnu). A lot of old temples are not maintained properly and their historical features are hidden by someone. One among them is a big tank, which is found near the famous temple of KALLALAZHAGAR. This tank is truly big when compared to MADURAI VANDIYUR TEMPLE tank. However, no one knows about this type of historical places.

BSEpic-Wedding-Photography-PackagesIn our ancient days, our ancestors build temple tanks fully filled with water. This concept was implemented just to offer water to the people who are in thirst while travelling. To the sad part, this tank found dry land with no sign of water. Even the tank looks like an un-maintained playground with the small portion of the temple situated in the middle of the tank. The steps were filled with dry grass that gives the feel of a desert. The priest in the temple maintains only the famous temple rather ignoring this tank. We found these steps were painted with the forehead symbol of Lord Perumal (The V shape with the red line in the middle). However, it clearly found that these paintings were done when the temple is built.


BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Hidden Historical Place

Like this tank, several historical places of South India were not known to the people, as their importance was kept in a dark or purposely hidden by some people. However, some temple hidden information has been revealed by the foreigners and was published to the people. Nevertheless, this is only a fraction of the information in the state that has been published. Temple authorities like priest; Management team forgets that these are treasures that speak about our history. They focus only on deities’ rather neglecting temple history.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Hidden Historical Place

As a conclusion, even today several foreign countries are willing to study our history. But we, Indian people, will never want to even view some information about our ancestors and ancient places. These historical places should be maintained well and the Government should take step to preserve these places in order to preserve our history.  They must form a group or team to visit these places and look if they are maintained well by the temple authorities. Such visits would also reveal hidden histories that have remained unknown so far.

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India Kudimagan – Movie Success Meet done by Cinema Calendar

BSEpic - India Kudimagan Movie Success Meet

BSEpic recently released its third short film “INDIA KUDIMAGAN”, a story based on the true condition of a freedom fighter. The film covers an old man and its patriotism towards our nation. The short film has been released on 9th March 2018, as a true dedication to our Incredible India. “INDIA KUDIMAGAN” is the bundle of the effort of an efficient team and their hard work. The film is starring the well-known “RAHUL THATHA”. He grabbed audience attention through his tremendous acting. The musical team has nailed their masterpiece in this INDIA KUDIMAGAN. Once again thanks for our cast and crew to support this movie. We dedicate this movie success to our cast and crews and social media partners.

Starring: Rahul Thatha
Director: Prithvi Moses
Producer: L. Nirmal Raj
Cinematography: Kalaiarasan
Editing: Venkat Ramanan
Music: Yuthishtran
Keys & Add prog: Jefin S Salmon JP
Sound effects: Hari Krishnan
Story: Daniel Raj

As a result of our hard work and timeliness effort, we have reached 31k views on our social media partner Facebook. After loads of research on our media partners, we finally found out right one as cinema partner CINEMA CALENDAR. They are the one who released our Short film on the Facebook page. As a result, within a short period – we have got tremendous reach for our movie from cinema calendar FB. We sincerely thank CINEMA CALENDAR, our social media partner for their tremendous support. Cinema Calendar is doing a fabulous job and we strongly recommend them to everyone as wonderful social media partner. We are willing to continue this partnership as long-term with Cinema Calendar. In addition, even before the movie release, they have support movie poster release, given musical suggestions and movie related suggestion and all of the promotional activities. We sincerely thank Cinema Calendar to be our social media partner and would like to have the long-term support.

Furthermore, our YouTube channel reached up to 100 subscribers. We will continue to post as many videos as possible that will also reach the highest views and grab the first place in social media. We say thanks from our heart for our Digital Partner LUXE Entertainment and our Social Media Partner Cinema Calendar.

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