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How can wedding photography bring charm to your wedding?


Decked up in grand outfits, amidst the colorful and festive ambience, every bride and her better-half would give a welcome smile to every well-wisher who comes to bless them on their best day. But another place where their eyes focus is the camera. It is perhaps once in a lifetime event of joy, bonding and sharing of love. A beautiful picture visualizing the candid actions of the couple, family and every wedding attendee would help to cherish these memories in the years to come.

Wedding photography needs professionalism and it’s not an easy task. Crafting wedding photography is like scribing pieces of literature, it should tell stories the moment you have a sight at the picture. No wonder why good photographers are associated with artists. Wedding photoshoot also requires patience and bonding with the couple. Otherwise, the couple would find it difficult to pose for the picture. Have you seen old wedding photographs where the couples don’t really find it cool to pose for their own wedding? But this is not the case anymore; every wedding bucket list has space to find the best wedding photographers. If you are one of the couples whose dream wedding is approaching, BSEpic is all here to offer you with the best wedding photographers in Bangalore. Our team of highly creative and experienced photographers can make your wedding photo shoot easy and fun without compromising on the quality.

Wedding photography packages that we offer at BSEpic gives you a variety of options to choose including pre-wedding, wedding day, candid etc… When the D-day comes, it is obvious for the couple to get happy as well as a little panicked as they have to face a lot of crowds and present themselves in the best possible way. After all, all the decors and arrangements deserve to be captured so that the next generations could witness the happiest moments through pictures that are taken with the utmost care and creativity.

If you are looking for the candid wedding photography team, contact BSEpic and get mesmerized with our work like never before. We make sure that every wedding photoshoot we take up turns out unique in its own way. Have a look at our portfolio to get an insight into the beautiful journey we have taken and hundreds of happy faces we have captured so far.

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Had A Great Food Photography Experience with HEALTHY SAPIENS.

As an initiative taken for Swiggy food photography in Bangalore namely the Healthy Sapiens, we came across a woman who is an entrepreneur-turned-housemaker. She prepares delicious food all by herself for delivery, although the food, especially desserts fill her special menu, they are only meant to take away. She does all of this right from her home and hails to be the reason for satisfying hundreds of craving stomachs across the city.

Our team from BSEPIC had an enriching experience and the warmth of welcome as we began our work at her place. She was a kind person who explained every detail about the food, its health benefits, how it’s made and so on. It perhaps is not always that we get to meet someone down to earth and very friendly. She is one of our best clients that made us feel comfortable to work with. We avoided artificial lights as the source of natural light worked well.

The woman has made the say truly that women are highly multitasking as she took up the responsibility of her children, home and managed to do her business as well. This gave us great inspiration. BSEPIC is a professional video and photography company in Bangalore. We have a team of expert photographers and cinematographers who have profound knowledge and potential skill in clicking breath-taking photographs.

We make to put our fullest dedication towards the work and mesmerise our clients by clicking marvellous photographs with the perfect angle and a combination of exposure and depth of field.

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Unsung Hero : Ravi Katapady

Ravi Katapady

Unsung Hero

Ravi Katapady

Name Ravi Katapady
Place Udupi
Career Mason

True Hero: A Costumed Man in Udupi Raises ₹14 Lakh to Save 16 Children!

By painting his body and donning different ‘Vesha’ during the grand celebration of Sri Krishna Janmashtami for the last four years, Ravi Katapady has been collecting money for underprivileged children in need of corrective surgery in Udupi. Such is the story of Ravi Katapady, a daily-wage labourer, who collects money for underprivileged children in need of corrective surgery in the temple town of Udupi.

He does this by painting his body and donning different ‘Vesha’ during the grand celebration of Sri Krishna Janmashtami every year, in the temple town. Ravi, who is a mason by profession, also used to be part of this vibrantly dressed troupe, until he came across the story of a baby with a dysfunctional hand that quite literally drove him to tears four years ago. Upon enquiring with the parents, he found that Anvitha had lost the functionality of her right hand at the time of her birth, due to negligence on the doctor’s part.

“Seeing a child as young as her who is unable to use her own arm, tore me apart. The parents told me that her hand could be fixed through surgery costing about ₹1.15 lakh, which was much beyond the limits of their financial ability. That’s when I thought I could do something”, Ravi told The Better India. He offered to pay for the surgery through his costumed acts at the festival, which the little one’s parents gratefully agreed.

Conferring with his friend, who is an artist, on different costume ideas that would appeal to children, Ravi finally zeroed in on Faun, one of the characters that appeared in the film, Pan’s Labyrinth. While his effort deserves applause of its own, his costumes are worthy of praise in themselves. Such was realistic of his guise, which he managed to collect the entire amount for baby Anvitha’s surgery, the success of the initiative made him grateful to god that he could make a difference in a person’s life and decided that he would continue to don costumes if it could make lives of children better.


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Unsung Hero : Narayan Murthy


Unsung Hero

Narayan Murthy

Name Narayan Murthy
Place Bangalore
Career Indian Army

Every morning, while heading to work or elsewhere, most of us are met with an unfortunate urban reality—Traffic. Even if we plan and time the commute, it feels like every hour is rush hour. Amidst the cacophony of vehicle horns, frustrated curses uttered by commuters and toxic fumes, we often miss out on those few individuals who work long and tiresome hours to make our journey more secure. Emerging from the crowd in a pair of khaki pants, a white shirt, a helmet, gloves and a neon-green vest, he encourages commuters to calmly follow traffic rules so that they can reach their destination, safe and sound. A former army man, Captain Murthy has been voluntarily clearing traffic on Bannerghatta main road—one of Bengaluru’s busiest roads—for the past 11 years. “I joined the Indian Army in 1959, and from the very beginning, my work revolved around saving lives.

Once I retired, I volunteered to help out the traffic officials here. It all began with helping elders and children cross the road, and soon, I was placed at the major junctions to properly lead the traffic. Roads across the country are every driver’s worst nightmare, and I am doing my bit to help them. I don’t consider this to be very different from what I was doing earlier”, shares Captain Murthy with The Better India.
A celebrated soldier, he was involved in several high-profile operations, like the Goa Liberation (1961) and the Sino-Indian War (1962).

After his 15-year-long service in the army was complete, he joined the International Airports Authority (currently known as the Airports Authority of India) and worked there from 1974 to 1980. Recognizing his contribution to the society, the Karnataka State Government awarded him the Kempegowda Award in 2011. However, his multifaceted efforts continue to be mainly of the common radar. “I don’t work to gain fame or money but to make my life more meaningful. I believe that every individual, at some point in his or her life, needs to own up this responsibility and dedicate the best efforts and resources to serve the society in any way possible,” he says before signing off.


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Unsung Hero : Madan Yadav

Unsung Hero

Madan Yadav

Name Madan Yadav
Place Bihar
Career Tutor

No Roads or Electricity, but the School in this village is in Excellent Condition. Thanks to One Man. Badwankala, a small village in Bihar, is located 1,500 feet above sea level. This hilltop village has no electricity, water and even connectivity to the main road. It was only a few months ago that the first vehicles started reaching this place, otherwise there was no other way to get here but to walk. Most people in this remote area haven’t even stepped out of the village their entire lives. But there is a man here who runs a school where students recite English poems, excel academically, and are dressed like private school students.

“Our village is just like what it was when the country became independent. We are stuck in 1947. There are no facilities. Can you believe that people here have not even seen a train in their entire lives?” asks Madan.

Madan completed his primary education in Badwankala and then went off to a school located 20 km far from the village. After completing intermediate college, he worked as a school teacher in a private school for five years. But the sad state of education in his own village kept haunting him. “There is literally no facility in our village. We have to walk at least a kilometre to fetch water. There is no electricity and there are no roads. I do not have words to explain the misery of the residents here. I contacted the government officials so many times but no action was taken by them,” says Madan. “The condition of the school was terrible. It was started in 1953 but hardly anyone went to the school. I opened the locks and took charge,” he recalls.

He started spreading the awareness about education in the village and asked people to send their kids to school. To better the facilities and attract more students, he made the best possible use of the government’s Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. Free books, uniforms, mid-day meals. and financial incentives were part of the programme and Madan utilised them to the full.

“Around 500 students from two nearby villages come to attend the school. I try my best to teach them too, but I cannot do everything. We need more teachers and facilities, at least to draw village children to the school” he says. “There are only six rooms here. We need at least four more to accommodate the students. Also, the playground’s boundary wall is broken. We need to repair that and fix the ground, which is uneven and students sometimes hurt themselves while playing. We are not asking much from the government. All we want is some more teachers and more rooms, as we are not able to manage 500 students in such tiny premises. When the country is progressing so much, it hurts me to see this region being neglected. Don’t these people have the right to lead a better life?” asks Madan.


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Unsung Hero : Lakshmi Narayan J

Unsung Hero

J Lakshmi Narayan

Name J Lakshmi Narayan
Place Chennai
Career Working in Housekeeping Department

For 3 Years Now, The Chennai Folks Have Been Cleaning the Streets for Free!

The mountains of garbage festering on the streets of India are not just an eyesore but also an open breeding ground for deadly diseases. Sadly, this is a common sight in many economically weak neighbourhoods in cities, because they are more often than not ignored by municipal bodies and workers.

What is worse is that even the people living in such neighbourhoods have become used to being surrounded by waste, and existing in the extremely unsanitary environment, because they feel that there isn’t much that can be done on their part.

However, J Lakshmi Narayan, who has been working in the housekeeping department at Mayor Ramanathan Hall, MRC Nagar for over a decade, was always bothered with the sight of a resident of Mylapore’s Veerabadran Street. Lakshmi Narayan was drawn to the cause of social work and often took up cleaning activities like burying the corpses of street animals and birds during his teenage days—something which typically fails to elicit any reaction from most people. He is trash piling up on the streets of Chennai.

A true altruist, Lakshmi Narayan also helps out the local traffic police in busy areas like Mambalam and Koyembedu by volunteering to manage the ongoing influx of traffic and has been doing so for the past 15 years.

“I was quite content with the little difference that I was making without any publicity. But the issue of the garbage-strewn streets kept gnawing at me, and I wanted to do something to change the situation,” says Lakshmi Narayan to The Better India. Lakshmi Narayan believes that the effort to tackle the never-ending crisis of waste has to begin from one’s own home and only then can it be extended anywhere beyond.


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