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Beginner to Professional: Which Lens Should You Buy for Food Photography?

Beginner to Professional: Which Lens Should You Buy for Food Photography?

Most of the time you will ask this question when you are new to food photography, Which Lens Should You Buy for Food Photography? Food photography is always fun when it comes to marketing all the recipes that are prepared by a particular chef, cook, or another person. Always you will need a special watch over your food as you want to it click it first and then promote it along at the same time you will be serving the guest in your restaurant or hotel. This becomes quite interesting. Experts at BSEpic will always have a special mark on this question and give you the best answer for it. So you can go creative and practical about it.

Usually, when you try to buy the lenses online, they will be available in business packages, online stores. The online product package will easily tell you the beauty and spark of purchasing things which is like a salesperson telling you to get something excellent if you buy online. But know these online stuffed lenses in packages are available very cheap when compared to a branded company. It is always better to visit a professional camera shop and hence it helps to be highly motivated than ever. While you are really enjoying the photography levels, here is what you should know the most important part of food photography, it should be high in resolution and excellent quality.

Today talk anything about lenses, here we are come to guide you, you need to have a good resolution camera, attention is to produce good images online or for any social media purpose. You have to focus on the best resolution with a lens, sometimes you are new to this and you tend to easily fall back with errors as you might not know many things about lenses.

If you ask different lenses become important, why?

 Usually, a lens tool is used to be adjusted and fix the lightened light, in the camera, the lens sends the light to the film strip while in a digital camera called DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, the lens directs light that is for a digital sensor.

Asking about the best lenses camera brand for Food Photography:

Canon EF-S 35mm

Tamron SP 90mm

Canon RF 35mm

Canon EF 24-70mm

Nikon AF-S DX 40mm

Tamron SP 90mm

Nikon Z 50mm 

Nikon PC-E Micro 85mm

If you ask why lenses are differently used for Food Photography?

Food has a different texture; it has a more different look that can be from the darker shade to lighter one, it can be from soft look to a hard surface recipe, it also be from watery delicious food to thick balls of cheese rolls or spring rolls, so the lenses have to adjust and fix so many elements while taking the photo, and to make it easier and clear, these photography lenses are very important one.

How will I know which camera lenses to buy?

Well, at BSEPic, we are helping end number of professionals to build their careers and have the best, even some of the people have queries if we as experts help their company branding photography, why not? Being a photography company service provider we could help you with an excellent photography lifestyle.

To check on all our services, get the best samples, click here,, and get the best details about photography, camera, lenses, type of photography services, best business packages, free consultation for your company personally.

Talk to Our Professional Photographers

Call us immediately, we understand sometimes your urgency and need, to avoid certain mistakes, know that you are absolutely in good hands to get the best services.

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“Crop Sensor is a standard 35mm size that introduces crop photos at its edges. This shows the photos to be cropped with a tighter field of the views.” 

  1. 60mm macro 2.8 for cropped sensors
  2. 35mm 1.8 for cropped sensors
  3. Upgrade to full-frame
  4. 90/100mm/105mm macro 2.8
  5. 50mm 1.4
  6. 85mm 1.8
  7. 24-70mm f/ 2.8


You can also try an end number of lenses according to your creativity, but these are the best one’s and at BSEpic we are able to help you with many photography services, don’t miss out! Visit and Connect with us at

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Food Photography Equipment: The Gear You Need

Food Photography Equipment: The Gear You Need

Food Photography is the best option when it comes to branding and marketing various food brands, restaurants,  hotels, chefs, professional cooks and so many who are into these professions. Everyone loves photography but the right way to do it is always with some natural filters allowing the images and clicks to look awesome even if there are real-time disturbances with improper setup. At we are professional photographers, looking forward to helping you in your food event or food promotion business.

Visit us and get some amazing clicks and expressions, these photos are real, some are edited and some are always defined by themselves.

Capturing moments is always fun with so many devices like the mobile camera or the laptop camera. But capturing with the right camera will always be exclusive, like additional you get free and natural benefits from the company and this will always be very attractive and effective for all the camera holders and professional photographers. You also need the right equipment if you want to enjoy the perfect picture without being extra tired. Now going through solid additional food photography equipment and accessories plays a major role in your professional photography.  

From lightening to a tripod, color, and corrections to various other lenses, here are the six important accessories helping you to build a major expansion for your food photography business. The guideline will also help you overcome bad images, reflections, ideas, and bad food photography events. Let your die-hard fans know you better than yesterday, even let them forget your bad clicks.

  1. Prime Lens

Prime lenses allow your pictures to be more clear and realistic, sharp, crisp, and also help to overcome bad focus. The real click or the feel of the food image makes the food jump up off the screen. That’s how efood photography should be. Try with 500mm focal length and it will help you with the tricks. The idea is to make you get a wider angle for scene-setting shots. Or Photograph more closely with resolution cameras. Prime usually has a wide aperture which means they will work excellently in low-lit areas as well. To move ahead with the most popular photography prime lenses include the following that can be purchased online. These are the Panasonic 50mm f/1.4 LUMIX S-Pro () lens Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 (),Nikon NIKKOR S 50mm f/1.2 (), Fujifilm Fujinon XF 50mm f/1.0 and the the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (). 

  1. Tripod Arm Extender

Very important to note, to capture the mid stir or dining shots from above, you should buy or use if you have one. The tripod arm extension is like Photek’s The eXtender. This is an extender that lets you shoot from overhead without asking anyone to help or support your arm or angle. The extender is a universal clamping device that syncs with any tripod function. It’s very easy to use, no technical things are required. This helps for various angles that should be taken from above the object or food.

  1. Lighting Kit

A strobe light is the best lightning used for professional quality food photographs. The flashpoint XPLOR 600PRO is one of the best that suits closely to fulfil the need of your way of photography and creative filters. All the mentioned series of these lighting systems like the image to be more colourful, bright, stable in shades, and other requirements. The built-in also connects with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujiflim, and Olympus/ Panasonic for remote light control and adjustment. Excellent features are captured from melting ice cream to the bursting of popcorn in the cooker. Moreover, for anyone who is photographing for the first time, you can move ahead with Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Flash, available at a lower budget.

“Food Photography is an all time favourite for Customers! It’s the most attractive click that one cannot resist.”


At BSEpic we help you with personal training as well as to capture some important food events that would be very important for your company’s marketing and promotion.

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10 Awesome Inspirational Photography Quotes

10 Awesome Inspirational Photography Quotes

Photography plays the most important role for all of us. One who does not like Photography often hires a professional who carries out the photo filters professionally for various events. Now any event or occasion happening will always be more lively and enthusiastic for the best and excellent giveaway of creative photographs. Photoshoots BSEpic will guide you through how it’s inspirational for many to keep the memory alive! Or to get business orders by photograph presentation. 

Also, it becomes easier to order business packages if you are into branding or marketing or a journalist where you need a photographer along the way. Some quotes that we note that cannot be compared with other photography brands. 

Quote #1

“The beautiful bride and her joy smiles through the rays of love, and there is a perfect capture of her new beginnings.” –  BSEpic

Quote #2

“Clicks for Real Beauty are always taken naturally without makeup.” – BSEpic

Quote #3

“Today the photos can be old, never be corrupt, they just need a smart edit, transition from 1960 – 2022.” – BSEpic

Quote #4

“If you want the Black and White creative effects, beauty clicks, wear floral, designed clothes, and make it a memorial for a lifetime.” – BSEpic

Quote #5

“Best real painters and artists always look for exact digital art photos after some creative and best photography clicks.” – BSEpic

Quote #6

“Photography Effects is like Pre-wedding Shoots, Loving and Fun.” – BSEpic

 Quote #7

“The Most Amazing and the Craziest Adventure is Photography in the Jungle.” – BSEpic

 Quote #8

“A real emotional capture is a beggar asking money, it remains forever until it becomes a billionaire.” – BSEpic

Quote #9

“Love is always in the air When Photography becomes more Lovely” – BSEpic

Quote #10

“Photos become a business deal when Business Meetings and Presentations have awesome clicks.” – BSEpic 


“For photography, black or white, colourful or shades, order at and visit us for more creative clicks.”

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Staying Photo Shoot-Ready: 7 Photography Trends in 2021

Staying Photo Shoot-Ready: 7 Photography Trends in 2021

Like any other things or technology, photography is moving fast and even following more trends in the market. Right from different shootings for seasons to occasions.

 Photography trends do not include anything that has to do with the cutting of jeans to applying white powder on your face till it looks like a ghost! Just kidding! To justify these creative trends, every style and pattern that a photographer follows is to make sure the customer or the client does not have to adjust their presentation just to bring more lights and effects to the final photographic image. Professional photography brings in many trends with or without following any photography rules or theories as it directly comes from the passion.

BSEPIC truly believes in giving 100% natural satisfaction with some mind-blowing trendy effects on the image. We have expertise, experience, and exploration to connect your photograph to your actions and smiles. You don’t need to worry! 

Tour with us for the best 7 Photography trends that we follow for 2022

  1. Humanity Inclusive

Like any other event, photojournalism has been the most real once and also the fake once when it comes to displaying the exact facts and features of different types of news. BSEPIC photography has the unique quality trend to follow the factual reality in pictures that do not show off the effects that may be fake, we truly follow these trends today as the world needs it more to be real in the world of errors and mistakes which we keep far away from creating entertainment. We follow humanity’s inclusive trend in journalism of truth and commercial photography.  

  1. Fantasy, Effects with Reality

One of the most creative trends that we follow apart from other exclusive photography trends is giving photos a fancy effect with reality. Be it fashion, creative designs, beauty, and many digital or entertainment. This allows the business to boom up because of the effects and style of photography to improve the digital art and print quality. Heads up! If you want to connect and get this one to increase your business sales online!

  1. Smart AI edits

Photography will never be like a single type of click, be it a real version or the copied one. However, both copies can be separated after using some best edits to change the view for your targeted audience. AI helps in solving the most complicated photos that need 100% edits. Some of our experts are excellent in these edits and smart choices of image and creativity.

  1.   Artistic with Documentaries

Most of the time a political gathering or social event happening at a particular place sometimes gets real bad photos due to time, season, weather, or even how the gathering is taking place. In these times, our artistic trends for such documentaries solve the problem. Following the trends, experts and photographers use the best tools to enhance and improve the quality of the image and real presentation. Check out all our samples. 

  1. Creative Drone Photography

Creative drone photography bsepic trends follow the most beautiful captures that can be unforgettable and completely surprising at times. Understanding the effects, we need to look out for some of the best moments and captures that drone photography offers at the time of the exact requirement from our clients. 

  1. Glamour Effects for Modelling

Modelling photography trends completely surprises the way we deal with the Glamour world while the models need to expose their beauty and dress code and not just a modelling event. Keeping this in mind we highlight more glamour effects that suit the beauty box fashion event for the modelling business and events. 

  1. Black and White Trends

Most of the oldies and golden award winners started their life journey when there was no color photography or color videography. This was way back in the ’50s and ’60s. Still, the playbacks of these heroes’ trends with black and white seem to be the most effective once for business at times of need and effects. At bsepic you will find these very interesting that attracts your attention for better ways to handle creative ideas and much more. You too can use our experts’ photography to make your accession into super black and white moments for memories. 

“Following Trends in Photography leaves a memory of hope, joy, fun, success that rolls down the tears of happiness for life-time.”

For offers and packages call us or visit! Stay tuned!

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Easy Product Photography Hacks – BSEpic

Easy Product Photography Hacks- BSEpic

When visitors arrive at your site and notice that you use high-quality photos, they are more likely to browse further and possibly make a purchase right away.

Beautiful product photography has the power to convert a casual visitor into a long-term customer. It establishes trust and transparency, causing potential customers to believe that what you’re offering is worthwhile.

That being said, creating retail-ready photos does not require a large financial investment. It’s certainly not necessary to rent a studio or purchase expensive equipment. To be honest, all you need is a smartphone and some inexpensive materials from a craft store to get great results.

What is the definition of product photography?

Product photography employs a variety of techniques to present products in an appealing manner and entice potential buyers to purchase them.

For successful catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads, and company websites, the product photography is an essential part of both online and offline advertising, especially when selling products directly to consumers.

Here are some of our favourite DIY photography hacks, ranging from building your own lightbox to post-processing techniques:

  • Don’t be afraid to use the camera on your smartphone – This is the part where I’m supposed to persuade you to buy a high-end 50-megapixel (MP) camera with a screw-on lens of 100 millimetres. But that’s not something I’m going to do.

Take advantage of the fact that you already own a camera that fits this description. However, for many types of products, taking product photos with a smartphone is perfectly acceptable. Newer smartphones have powerful camera lenses and settings that let you tailor your shots to the various types of light and environments you might find yourself in.

  • For photo consistency, use a tripod – Before I get into tripods- I have to start with a cardinal rule: don’t use your phone to aim your lens toward the subject by propping it against something sturdy. It’s far too easy for this improvised set-up to move around during the shoot, resulting in inconsistencies in the appearance of your photos. If you’re going to rest your camera on something like a stack of books, make sure it doesn’t move during the shoot. When shooting a few product photos for your eCommerce website, there’s no harm in holding the camera yourself.
  • Use proper light – Whether you use natural or artificial light, don’t underestimate how different types of light can help (or hurt) your product photography. Buyers get the best look at an item in person, where they can see everything they need to know before making a purchase. When all your website visitors have is a photo to go on, the right lighting setup can help you reveal those crucial decision-making product features. A single lighting setup may not be appropriate for all products; a lighting arrangement that enhances the appearance of some products may detract from the appearance of others. Natural and artificial light are the two types of light you can use as your main light source.

Summing Up

If you want your product photography to be done by a team of experts, then contact BSEpic and get in touch with us soon!

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What is the cost of hiring a Destination wedding photographer?

What is the cost of hiring a Destination wedding photographer?


You’ll need the proper photographer to capture those beautiful moments whether you’re saying “I do” on the beach or atop a mountain. But, if you’re unfamiliar with the local market, how can you find a photographer for your destination wedding?

It’s comparably easier and convenient to hire a local wedding photographer, according to destination wedding photographer, but there are a few factors to take into account. It’s often said that “First and foremost, you must establish a relationship with your photographer,”.  “It may also be very inexpensive, something many couples are blithely unaware of.”

Have you found a beautiful location for your happy nuptials? Finding one of the top destination wedding photographers to capture all of the beauty should be the next item on your to-do list. You’ve spent a lot of time and money to make your wedding a lavish affair, so it goes without saying that it should be carefully documented. A skilled destination wedding photographer can capture everything from your venue’s exotic scenery to breathtaking bridal photos to the tiniest of details in stunning photographs. Furthermore, via their skilled photography and imaginative events, he or she may even assist you in reliving the most cherished occasions of your life.

So, spending on destination photography is unavoidable, and it’s easy with us!

However, finding the right photographer that not only matches your budget but also exceeds your expectations is a difficult challenge, however, in the business, we have a variety of skilled and efficient workers. So, spending on destination photography is unavoidable, and it’s easy with us!

What does a wedding photographer’s cost include?

When looking for wedding photographers, be sure to read the information regarding their pricing and packages carefully because these can vary considerably from photographer to photographer and have a significant impact on wedding photography costs. The following are some goods and services to keep an eye out for:

  • Time: Most wedding photography packages offer six hours of coverage and an infinite quantity of photos. You’ll have to pay more if you want your photographer to cover your event for a longer period of time. Additional hours will be charged at a higher rate.
  • Travel: Is your photographer required to travel a considerable distance to attend your event? If he or she is driving to your wedding, you may have to pay a per-mile fee, or you may have to pay for flights and lodging if it is a destination wedding.
  • Staffing/Second Shooters: Will your photographer be accompanied by a second shooter or assistants? Expect to pay extra if this is the case.
  • Editing: Your photographer will spend a significant amount of time editing and retouching your wedding photographs to ensure that they appear flawless.
  • Photographs: The fee of your wedding photographer should include the images themselves. You may get digital assets in a variety of methods, including through an online gallery and/or a USB stick.
  • Print Release: Many wedding photography packages include a “print release,” which allows you to print the images for your own personal use. However, you should be aware that you will most likely not have a full “copyright release,” which means you will not own the photographs and will not be able to sell them, and your photographer will be able to use them for marketing reasons.

Summing up

With BSEpic, you can get an entire team of both professional wedding photographers and videographers, and let us take care of all your digital needs. Contact BSEpic today!

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