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Had A Great Food Photography Experience with HEALTHY SAPIENS.

As an initiative taken for Swiggy food photography in Bangalore namely the Healthy Sapiens, we came across a woman who is an entrepreneur-turned-housemaker. She prepares delicious food all by herself for delivery, although the food, especially desserts fill her special menu, they are only meant to take away. She does all of this right from her home and hails to be the reason for satisfying hundreds of craving stomachs across the city.

Our team from BSEPIC had an enriching experience and the warmth of welcome as we began our work at her place. She was a kind person who explained every detail about the food, its health benefits, how it’s made and so on. It perhaps is not always that we get to meet someone down to earth and very friendly. She is one of our best clients that made us feel comfortable to work with. We avoided artificial lights as the source of natural light worked well.

The woman has made the say truly that women are highly multitasking as she took up the responsibility of her children, home and managed to do her business as well. This gave us great inspiration. BSEPIC is a professional video and photography company in Bangalore. We have a team of expert photographers and cinematographers who have profound knowledge and potential skill in clicking breath-taking photographs.

We make to put our fullest dedication towards the work and mesmerise our clients by clicking marvellous photographs with the perfect angle and a combination of exposure and depth of field.

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