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BSEpic – 2nd Photography Workshop Successfully Launched at Fatima College Madurai

As a worthy start of the New Year 2018, BSE pic has commenced its first project with the One Day Photography Workshop, conducted on 22nd January 2018 at FATIMA COLLEGE, MADURAI. The workshop started around 11am, nearly 35 students participated in this workshop. They were truly very creative and interactive as our workshop filled with several questions and beautiful thoughts.

We covered 4 major topics that gave profound knowledge to the budding participants. The topics were History of Camera (interesting information about the camera); Fundamentals of Photography (Basic operation of the Camera); Functionalities of Camera (Workflow of the Digital Camera) and Professional photography (Involves tips and tactics). Furthermore, students learned about photography through our excellent guidance with power-point projects. A general assumption is girls will never be that much creative and attentive, but to be honest, we found that the girl participants are more interactive and enthusiastic to explore the domain than boys.

We proudly say that through this workshop, the participants will improve their knowledge in creativity, strategies, and techniques in photography. These tips and tactics would certainly help them to become the professional photographers.

As a compliment, we had provided them a valid Certification as a gift of participation in the photography Workshop. The certification had been offered by our Creative Head of BSEpic – MR. PRITHVI MOSES. He is a skilled photographer, instructor, and versatile short filmmaker. He won the award “The Best Cinematographer” for his first ever short film – “Doctor Gandhi”. His innovation takes him to Judging level in photography. He is one of our priding pillars in BSEpic – People in Creation.

For more detail, please contact “Prithvi: 9600704660″. Visit our professional site:  to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Enhance and improve your knowledge through our innovative site.

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BSEpic Second Photography Workshop at Fatima College Madurai

Join us for our second photography workshop going to happen in Madurai. BSEpic is literally planning to conduct one-day photography workshop for the budding photographers on 22nd January 2018, around 10 AM to 4 PM, at FATIMA COLLEGE, MADURAI. Our workshop is going to happen in a hall that involves 20 seats and free entry pass. To make our session more interactive and more interesting, we prefer only 20 students who want to be the professional photographer. The choice will base on your core of interest and your lively participation. Anyone can be the participant and get profound knowledge from our experts.

The main attraction towards this workshop is all our photography experts are going to be the part of it. Our workshop covers mainly 4 aspects: History of Camera; Fundamentals of Photography; Functionalities of Camera and Professional photography. Our experts are going to give an elaborated speech on each topic which considered as the basics of photography. The session will be helpful for you to understand the basis of your camera, the art of binding the shot and making flawless pictures, and perceiving how to make the best usage of natural light. We happily say that this course will be helpful to improve your photography style, creativity and technique in photographic advancement. Our experts will trade data and photography tips. Our workshop will be the essential wandering stone for the people who are looking for photography as a passion.

Our workshop covered 4 main topics:
1. History of the camera – A short history of photography camera and some interesting information about its parts and features.
2. Fundamentals of photography – Information about the basics of operating a camera and complete details about the digital cameras and its equipment’s.
3. Functionalities of the camera – This topic covers the workflow of camera and how to make use of it to snap the splendid pictures.
4. Professional photography – This session involves the techniques, strategies and skills for photography.

For more detail, please contact Prithvi – Creative Head: +91 9600704660

Visit our professional site: to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Explore your photography knowledge through our site.

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BSEpic – 1st Photography Workshop Launched at Salem

BSEpic - Photography Workshop Salem

BSEpic proudly presented one-day photography workshop on 12th November between 10 AM to 7 PM, at SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Salem. Our session took place at APJ ABDUL KALAM HALL. The hall consists of 20 seats and free entry fees. Over 100 students applied but to make the session more interesting and useful we allowed only 20 students based on their interest. They attended our session to develop themselves as better photographers fit for making ideal pictures in each circumstance. Moreover, many students entered the energizing universe of photography with our one day workshop. Consequently, they have started an interest by understanding the different elements of your camera, the craft of confining the shot and making lovely structures, and seeing how to make the best utilization of encompassing light. At the end of the session, delicious foods have been provided to all the participants.

In addition, we have very much experienced proficient photographers to instruct about photography tips and traps.  As a consequent, they helped them to take in the nuts and bolts of photography, lighting setting, camera choice, embellishments, and focal point inclination to make a best photographic picture. We gladly say that this course will be useful to enhance their photography abilities, strategies, portfolio creation and wind up noticeably master in photographic innovation. Our professionals exchanged information and photography tips for various sorts of photography. Our workshop will be the primary venturing stone for the individuals who are searching for photography as a vocation.

Our workshop covered 4 main topics:
1. History of camera – Brief information about the history and little unknown facts about camera
2. Fundamentals of photography – Described the basic details of photography. Comprehension of Digital cameras and related photography equip
3. Functionalities of camera – Told about how the camera will be operated and how to use it for the best pictures. Acquaintance with all the controls in your camera
4. Professional photography – Described the techniques and skills for professionalism.

For more detail, please contact “Prithvi: 9600704660″. Our branches are as followed: Belgium, Malaysia, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Salem, Madurai and Pondicherry. Visit our professional sites: to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Explore your photography knowledge through our site.

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