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India Kudimagan – Movie Success Meet done by Cinema Calendar

BSEpic - India Kudimagan Movie Success Meet

BSEpic recently released its third short film “INDIA KUDIMAGAN”, a story based on the true condition of a freedom fighter. The film covers an old man and its patriotism towards our nation. The short film has been released on 9th March 2018, as a true dedication to our Incredible India. “INDIA KUDIMAGAN” is the bundle of the effort of an efficient team and their hard work. The film is starring the well-known “RAHUL THATHA”. He grabbed audience attention through his tremendous acting. The musical team has nailed their masterpiece in this INDIA KUDIMAGAN. Once again thanks for our cast and crew to support this movie. We dedicate this movie success to our cast and crews and social media partners.

Starring: Rahul Thatha
Director: Prithvi Moses
Producer: L. Nirmal Raj
Cinematography: Kalaiarasan
Editing: Venkat Ramanan
Music: Yuthishtran
Keys & Add prog: Jefin S Salmon JP
Sound effects: Hari Krishnan
Story: Daniel Raj

As a result of our hard work and timeliness effort, we have reached 31k views on our social media partner Facebook. After loads of research on our media partners, we finally found out right one as cinema partner CINEMA CALENDAR. They are the one who released our Short film on the Facebook page. As a result, within a short period – we have got tremendous reach for our movie from cinema calendar FB. We sincerely thank CINEMA CALENDAR, our social media partner for their tremendous support. Cinema Calendar is doing a fabulous job and we strongly recommend them to everyone as wonderful social media partner. We are willing to continue this partnership as long-term with Cinema Calendar. In addition, even before the movie release, they have support movie poster release, given musical suggestions and movie related suggestion and all of the promotional activities. We sincerely thank Cinema Calendar to be our social media partner and would like to have the long-term support.

Furthermore, our YouTube channel reached up to 100 subscribers. We will continue to post as many videos as possible that will also reach the highest views and grab the first place in social media. We say thanks from our heart for our Digital Partner LUXE Entertainment and our Social Media Partner Cinema Calendar.

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