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Preserve Our Hidden History

BSEpic-Preserve Our Hidden History

BSEpic, the leading innovative photography company, went for a photo shoot to Madurai. The shoot has been arranged at the most famous temple KALLALAZHAGAR. While searching for the location, we found a hidden historical place without maintenance. It is more like empty dry dessert. However, the place has a small temple in the middle and surrounded by the steps which have been filled with Pilgrimage symbols. After researching, we found that the place is the tank that belongs to the temple KALLALAZHAGAR. To make you aware of this historical tank, BSEpic proudly presents this blog.

It would be a great pain to say Indians don’t value history. There exists an assumption that the people consider only the statues rather than their historical epigraphies. Our ancient people left numerous written records that speak about our history and our prosperity. They aren’t only recorded events in palm leaves and copper plates, but also they left them in our Temple walls and building stones. Even when we visit some 1000 or 100 years old temple, we can see several epigraphies which found non-maintained. Not only epigraphies but also several historical places and their values have put into the dark without the knowledge of Tamilnadu people.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Hidden Historical Place

To the people’s view, Madurai in Tamilnadu is considered as the ideal pilgrimage place. When we heard about the word Madurai, we tend to think of MADURAI MEENAKSHI TEMPLE. Moreover, it also has a KALLALAZHAGAR Temple and Karmegha Perumal Temple in Madurai for Vaishnavites (those who worship Lord Vishnu). A lot of old temples are not maintained properly and their historical features are hidden by someone. One among them is a big tank, which is found near the famous temple of KALLALAZHAGAR. This tank is truly big when compared to MADURAI VANDIYUR TEMPLE tank. However, no one knows about this type of historical places.

BSEpic-Wedding-Photography-PackagesIn our ancient days, our ancestors build temple tanks fully filled with water. This concept was implemented just to offer water to the people who are in thirst while travelling. To the sad part, this tank found dry land with no sign of water. Even the tank looks like an un-maintained playground with the small portion of the temple situated in the middle of the tank. The steps were filled with dry grass that gives the feel of a desert. The priest in the temple maintains only the famous temple rather ignoring this tank. We found these steps were painted with the forehead symbol of Lord Perumal (The V shape with the red line in the middle). However, it clearly found that these paintings were done when the temple is built.


BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Hidden Historical Place

Like this tank, several historical places of South India were not known to the people, as their importance was kept in a dark or purposely hidden by some people. However, some temple hidden information has been revealed by the foreigners and was published to the people. Nevertheless, this is only a fraction of the information in the state that has been published. Temple authorities like priest; Management team forgets that these are treasures that speak about our history. They focus only on deities’ rather neglecting temple history.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Hidden Historical Place

As a conclusion, even today several foreign countries are willing to study our history. But we, Indian people, will never want to even view some information about our ancestors and ancient places. These historical places should be maintained well and the Government should take step to preserve these places in order to preserve our history.  They must form a group or team to visit these places and look if they are maintained well by the temple authorities. Such visits would also reveal hidden histories that have remained unknown so far.

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What Kind of Photography Do You Want?

BSEpic - Photography Services

Whenever we come through the expression “photography”, people give or propose suggestions on various photography styles which they think the best. Moreover, selecting photography styles truly depends on our personal judgement. Few people like “Candid”, and few like “Portraits”. Photography spread out its boundary by its variability. In our earlier days, we have only a particular type that is “Black and White” photography. Then Monochrome photography style came into fashion, a process of captivating pictures in a single colour with different shades. However, in today’s digital world, plenty of techniques and styles have been introduced. For example, the 10 most famous types of photography are:

1) Landscape Kind of photography that highlights extensive spans of space, of expansive terrains, or of the world. These pictures are intended to include the great size of nature
2) Fashions Kind of photography including style and dressing, regularly with proficient female models. Whole businesses are committed to design, which incorporates form magazines
3) Fine Art Photography that is established in the imaginative or subjective vision of a photographer, instead of illustrative photography, (for example, photojournalism) which represents unaltered reality.
4) Portrait Photography that is tied in with depicting the temperament, identity, and articulation of a man or gathering of people. The concentration is normally the face, however, a more distant zoom to a half-or full-body is now and again done.
5) Wildlife Sort of photography that records creatures in their characteristic environment. It is frequently extremely difficult to photo creatures, since not exclusively does a photographer should be right on the money with their specialized abilities yet they additionally need to approach creatures without being recognized.
6) Wedding– Wedding photographers use an assortment of photography styles to give wedding scope. Totally wedding scope requires the photographer to be great at large scale, representation, photojournalistic, artistic work, form, scene, and activity/sports photography.
7) Macro Kind of photography that delineates extraordinary close-up shots of little questions. Thusly, the subjects can have all the earmarks of being significantly overwhelming size.
8) Photojournalism or Candid Photography that records an occasion or story as it is unfurling. The photographer is to maintain constancy to reality, frankly and fair while recounting the story.
9) Architectural Photography that depicts the sentiment being around an assembled situation. It is tied in with depicting tastefully satisfying structures and structures.
10) Black & White Photography that highlights pictures in highly contrasting, i.e. shades of dark, in which the interest lies in the monochromatic character of the style.

Professional photographers of Bsepic have the profound knowledge of all styles, in addition, specialized in Candid wedding photography that is used to capture pictures when in motion. They are also expertise in Portrait and Product photography.

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