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Arrange for your wedding with budget wedding photography

BSEpic - Budget Wedding Photography

Photography is not the latest innovation, but we have been following the photography over the years. However, several customers who reach Photography Company have no idea of where to find the right photographers for their special occasion or how much it cost for the best photography services. Moreover, people will be stunned by the price that the photographers demand. However, the best photography will always depend on 2 factors: one, how much you are giving importance to your wedding and second, how much budget you have allotted for your wedding photography.

The wedding will happen only once in our lifetime. Therefore, capturing the precious moments is truly important as it remains for our lifetime. As a wedding couple, we plan for several aspects such as wedding location, food service, decoration, wardrobes, make-up etc. Moreover, Photography is also vital for the wedding. However, you are the only person to decide on your wedding photography budget and which will suit you. Wedding photography now is available in different range of pricing and you can easily pick the best of them. However, never have an idea that you will obtain an average photography with the minimum budget. To be honest, the best photography can also be acquired in the little budget. But to commence the hunt, you need to have a planned budget.

There exists a wide range of services are available at various pricing points. If you are not planned with the budget, you will be lost among the photographers available in the market. We are sure that you will find the right photographer with the budget you have planned. However, keep in mind that cheap and quantity will not always lead to quality. Some photographers will offer a big quantity in the cheap budget. However, remember that you will obtain things for what you have paid. It is a general fact that the more expensive photographer will obtain more experience. But that is only a rumour. Quality is the only factor that worth paying for.  This doesn’t mean that budget photographers are not capable of quality work. Keep in mind that you are not only hiring the photographer to capture your precious moments but yet additionally putting resources into the expertise and experience they will offer while shooting your wedding story. Your wedding is truly a precious occasion. Moreover, finding the right person in your budget is certainly difficult; however, finding the photographer who will capture your wedding with dedication and respect will also be more important.

Therefore, our suggestion for setting an investment for your wedding photography is from 10 to 15% from your wedding expense. It is not important how much you afford but it is how much you can allocate for the photography. If you want to have less entertainment photography, then, you can set your budget less than 10%. We are sure that you can able to find the photographer in your allocated budget. Or if you want to give vital importance for your wedding photography and you have a person in your mind but they are more expensive, you can extend your budget to 15%. However, everything is up to you.

If you are really looking for a photography company that can capture all your precious moments and can work with dedication in a very reasonable budget, then you can reach BSEpic, the leading creative photographic company. To grab the best quotes, you can visit:

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Emerging Photography Trends that will Rule in 2018

BSEpic -Emerging Photography Trends

Every New Year will be coming with some trends, and photography is also not an exception. Photography is an Art and has become popular in recent years and still getting more and more trendy.  The future of the photography is considered as the brightest light and numerous young people are showing their tremendous skills in the photography field. Moreover, the photography is a boon for the wedding hat capture all our precious moments which last forever. Therefore, now let us view the top 10 trends of Photography that rule in 2018.

Top 10 trends of Photography        

  1. Pre-wedding photo-shoot:
    Pre-wedding photography is generally arranged before the wedding. It can also be called as Engagement photography. If you are not aware of the pre-wedding photo, let us give some detail what we do during this session. When the engagement photo shoot is fixed, the wedding couple will be asked to present in some beautiful location, where photography can be done in an awesome way.  Moreover, encouraging couples for the costume change and makeup session. In addition, the photographer chooses different locations to give different backgrounds for the pictures. Mostly, Pre-wedding shoot will look awesome in natural light, where shadows and shades can be avoided.  Pre-wedding photography is becoming trendier, as the wedding couple loves to move with their loved one for their understandings.
  2. Destination Wedding:
    Start your romance at your wedding in your favourite dreamy locations. The Destination wedding photography is truly a boon for the wedding couple to explore their love towards life partner. The Destination wedding is a trendy way to tie the knot in your dreamy locations, different from our traditional wedding places. The Destination wedding eliminates the formality and preparation of a traditional wedding. Take a vow, hold the hands and get married in an open space with the lovely breeze of fresh air.
  3. Drone Wedding photography:
    The Drone is one of the popular technologies that is used in several business purposes. Now few Photographers are using this drone in wedding ceremonies. Wedding couple, who wants to capture the wide angle photographs, can ask for Drones. Even some couple will bring their own drone to their wedding occasion.
  4. Guestbook:
    The Guestbook is the new concept which you never come across the word. The photographer will arrange for the location for your guests to give some funny or remarkable poses that will be converted immediately and given to them as strips. They can paste them in this book and leave some comments or messages to the wedding couple. Moreover, this will be a special remembrance of your wedding and for your guests too. This photo collection will truly bring your old memories like a short film in their minds. We have taken this beautiful concept just to surprise you in your wedding.
  5. Trailer:
    Nowadays, wedding couple also prefers Trailer like videography. The Photographers will edit 20 to 30 wedding pictures and sorted out as the trailer for their wedding. These pictures can be shared on social media.
  6. Smoke Bombs:
    To make wedding party even more dreamy and add colours to the engagement, we always prefer smoke bombs. Smoke bombs will help to capture the most beautiful candid photographs that wedding couple love to see again and again.
  7. Documentary Photography:
    Manual pictures that combine together to tell story falls under this genre. Photographer uses this kind of photography just to highlight something. Moreover, it can be a war, social issues, etc. For example, spending time with the celebrities. Try and capture details and let your pictures tell a story. However, this theme has been implemented in photography field also. Pictures of wedding couple will be captured in such a manner to give a photojournalism look.
  8. Mirrorlike Photography:
    Wedding couples are asked to stand in the middle of the water like a pond or at the side of the lake to give the mirror look. Along with the real couple, the water shade of couple will also be captured. This is truly an amazing idea which the Photographers are using in their out-door shooting.
  9. Candid photography:
    Candid photography is the way of snapping the wedding couple without the knowledge of them. This is truly a popular style in today’s wedding. Even wedding couples like to be captured in this way. It truly reflects the real emotions of the wedding couple.
  10. Same day edits:
    Last but not least, one trend that is gaining more popularity among wedding couples is “Same day edits” some couples are asking to capture their wedding preparation pictures so that they can display as slides during their wedding. This idea is not appreciated by some of the Photographers as they must capture even more important picture of the special occasion.

These are the top 10 wedding photography trends in 2018. We hope that this blog will give you a clear picture of the trends that would help you for your wedding too. Furthermore, if you are looking for a photography company, to click all your special moments, moreover, got knowledge on the latest trends, you can reach BSEpic. The people in BSEpic have got years of expertise in all kinds of photography styles and trends that can be showcased in their works. For more information, visit:

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Hire the Professional Wedding Photographer to preserve your precious moments

BSEpic - Hire-the-Professional-Wedding-Photographer

It requires a wide bundle of imagination and loads of personal feeling in truly understands the real value of the family and group album and the traditional posed photographs they include. Whether it is black and white or coloured pictures, photographs are losing their importance with the arrival of the videography, the true replication of television style. However, we love to view our family pictures no matter how it looks and some ambiance makes it more convenient with the still posed pictures rather than videos. Moreover, films are far more difficult as special equipment being required, they truly capture the live moments in a magical way. However, you must require both photography and videography for all your special occasions. Therefore, hire the professional wedding photographer to capture those beautiful pictures that will remain fresh and sweet forever.

Real emotions should be recorded for the Future

Through the photographic industries may be a century old, still pictures came so early to the people. Emotions and feelings are still expressed in the best way in the hard copy photographs. Not everybody will have the photography explosion, even in some remote area and society, the access to cameras and screens is not that much familiar? If you are lost in black and white memories, just think of the beautiful and grand colours and all the latest and new innovation software that implement equally to the photographic and videography world too.

After the photography is carried out by the professional crew that has the passion of photography, the processing and the developing, look at the aesthetic points. Beautifications are incorporated and characters highlighted, unwanted things are edited, to enhance the value of the family album. Moreover, the wedding album is considered as the reflecting mirror of our special ceremonies, capturing the beautiful moments before, during and after the precious occasion. Furthermore, never consider money when you choose the album. Go for the high-quality album which will preserve your memories with the same essence even after your grandchildren’s generation.

Professional wedding photographer would suggest some out-of-the-box ideas to decorate your walls with the poster like pictures. Those special photographs with titles and special ambiance will surely attract the viewers.  Transformed over Social Media, they would grab the stage. Though we live in the world surround by the videos everywhere, there is certainly a time for hard copy photographs. Apart from those printed family albums, obtain some laminated photographs contain the precious moments that express your feeling to the world.

The preferable venue of the professional wedding photographers

Being quite used to wedding preparation, in romantic locations like beaches; mountain; lakes; castles and forests, the photographers will express those visuals beautifully that plays a stunning background of the wedding album. With the help of these locations, photographers will enhance the beauty of the wedding couple. The time will travel in a rocket speed and those clicked pictures contain a pack of beautiful moments, also include the essence of the grand ceremony. These albums are not only for the wedding couple but also for the relatives and guest whom we want to see again and again.

The photographers certainly know the secrets technically and artistically, personalized contract, taking care of individual requirements. Look at the product and services and also their customer’s reviews to be convinced that we convey serious service with all the years in the photography industry that reaches profound into the mind and the heart of the customer. The camera and the photographic software play a vital role in the action. The photography crew does the rest.

Numerous high-performance cameras and photographers ensure that mistakes are minimized. The taste of choosing the album truly depends on individuals’ thoughts and wishes. However, people love to preserve all their beautiful moments for years, as the wedding will happen only once in our lifetime. Professional wedding photographers will bring the best result with their talent.

Being your best friend during your wedding, BSEpic will capture all your happy moments and precious actions that can tell a story when you open the album each time. Providing the best service in an affordable price, BSEpic will grab the customers’ heart so easily. Even their portfolio looks like a film that conveys several messages to the viewers. Visit their official website for more information:

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Which Company Shoots the Best Wedding Photographs and Videos?

BSEpic - Best Wedding Photographs and Videos

When we heard the word wedding, automatically happiness and shy will grab us. The experience of photography feels like shooting a romantic film! Regardless of whether for photography or videography, our wedding interest not only inspires the wedding couple but also several families. Those priceless occasions deserve to be documented in a complete media forms and distributed globally unless some families wish to have memorable belongings. The technology and the software have developed so increasingly and this is also one of the reasons to transform reality into powerful digital remembrance. The wedding photography is considered as the artistic work that means so much to the wedding couple.

Wedding planning:
Now the style of the wedding is totally different when compared to our traditional wedding. Weddings are taking place in the middle of the Forest, at the seashore, at the top of the mountain. This sort of wedding has become very popular among the wedding couple. No matter the cost is, the couple prefers the different and unbelievable location to stand out from the crowd. During the wedding arrangement, like the location; decoration; music; food; clothing; furniture, concentrate on the photography too. Photography is the old traditional form to capture the wedding’s precious moments and existed for a long-term before the arrival of videography. Both serve the same purposes, but as per the situation and circumstance.

Framing Ideas:
Larger sized photographs both in colour and black and white, framed with beautiful outer will always attract viewers. A family album can be framed in fine leather that will give the conventional dramatic impact on family and friends. Moreover, it looks like as it did for so many years and generations perhaps. Though trends and style may vary and change with time, Photography; portraits, albums and wall hanging will never go out-dated.

Budgets are no barrier:
The quality and the believing, the services and the discussion, are caught life thus considerably more definitively on film. Remember those ideals once in a lifetime, until the point that blur your memories as they in the long run will. The quality of the photography and videography is truly depended on the budget. Moreover, the budget can be prescribed according to the photo shoot timing. The time could stretch out from six to fourteen hours for the professional coverage photography and similarly to the videography. The expert photographers would always arrange for all the required items for the shooting. They absolutely won’t act as a burden or be disturbing. Privacy will be giving totally and they silently capture the occasion.

Get into wedding planning:
The photography or videography will implement all the client requirements. They can be copied in the USB drives and DVD that makes the process of distributing so easy. In addition, today, almost everyone owns a smartphone and they carry for the wedding too snapshots. However, the good photography is truly considered as an artistic work. The good understanding photography will always ready to lend his eyes to listen to your suggestion for adding titles and music background.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best company that offer the above services, will be your right choice. BSEpic is one of the leading innovative and creative photography companies that offer the best service at an affordable price. They have years of expertise in the photographic domain and shoot the Best Wedding Photographs and Videos. Our latest technology implementation and their new styles make them stand unique among the competitors. Visit our website to view our portfolio:

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Discover the Beauty of Madurai with Azhagar Temple in the Chithirai Festival

BSEpic - Madurai Photography | Azhagar Kovil Photography


Bsepic, an innovative and creative photography company, recently visited Madurai for Photoshoot. We have chosen the most visited temple “Arulmigu Kallazhagar Temple” as we found it very colorful and very picturesque and several photo shoot will be conducted here. The Tower of the temple looks really stunning and numerous sculptures are used for the construction of this temple tower. We need a thousand eyes to admire this eye-catchy architecture. During the photo shoot, we got to experience with the Jigarthanda monkeys, which we have already described in our previous blog. As mentioned above, the blog titled “Ready to Experience with Jigarthanda Monkeys”, BSEpic has beautifully described the monkey’s actions and their funny moments. In addition, they have also described one of the temple tank and its non-maintained condition. Let us know few more things about Kallalagzhagar Temple.

BSEpic - Madurai Temple Photography

History: The temple is located 21 kms northwest of Madurai on the attractive timbered hill. It is built on a vast area in a beautiful manner, surrounded by the ruins of historical forts. The temple has been built in the Dravidian style of architecture. According to historical records, it was constructed by the Pandya king Malayathuaja Pandian and Dharma Devashai. Here, Kallalazhagar is the name used in the temple for the Lord “Perumal”. The idol is made of pure gold, which stands for its perfect craftsmanship. Moreover, Alvars have added honor and pride to the temple. Furthermore, in several epics the beauty of this temple has been described. In the 13th Century, the golden dome has been added to the temple by Sundara Pandian. However, some of the centuries back, this temple was once a refuge place for the Jain. This was proved by several “Brahmin” script. In the temple, we found several beautiful sculptures that depict the ancient stories. In addition, the paintings were super good with its uniqueness. Inside the temple, we can able to view “Holy water point”, the water from the river Ganga. People believe that this water will cure several diseases as it contains Iron and copper.

BSEpic - Azhagar Temple Photography

Nature of the temple:  As Azhagar temple is situated on the hill, we have to pass through the dense forest. The path will be covered by Jujube-Indian trees (Elandha maram), which are famous in our Indian epics. Moreover, the incident of Lord Muruga and Avaiyar, is played with this tree only. To reach this temple, we need to do some trekking through the dense forest with wild animals. Furthermore, in the downstairs we find, Kalalazhagar temple; in the middle of the way we can find palamudhir Solai (one of Arupadai veedu of god Murugan) and finally, we can view Rakkayi temple where we found “Theertha Vaari” – The sacred water from the river Ganga. In the middle of the way to Alagar temple, we can find a small but beautiful temple of Lord Anjaneyar. Lord “Anjaneyar” is the guarding god, who has features like Monkey.  Another beauty of this temple is Monkeys. While we travel to the temple, we have to cross this wild animal. However, they are very dangerous as people are not allowed to take food or any eatable items as they will attack them. We can find numerous funny things like they groom themselves with the help of the parked bikes, pose for the people’s camera etc. They are truly adorable when watched far away.

Chithirai festival: One of the reasons for the fame of this temple is “Chithirai Festival”. Chithirai festival will be celebrated in the month of April, We Tamil people call as Chithirai. During the reign of the Vijayanagar king Krishnadeva Raya, the temple was endowed with revenues from two villages for conducting regular festivals. The marriage of Meenakshi and Sokanadhar has been celebrated as the Chitirai. The arrival of Alagar, the brother of Meenakshi to his sister’s marriage is celebrating as the “Alagar Thiruvizha” This is celebrated for ten days and is one of the declared festivals of Tamilnadu Government. In chithirai, Lord Kallalagar begins from Alagar kovil as Kallar and achieves Madurai on Pournami (Full Moon day). Here he ventures into river Vaigai in his Horse Vaganam. During the festival, to indicate the arrival of Alagar, the flag will be uplifted. Then continuos with the Meenakshi Amman temple. As Alagar returns from Vandiyur Dhasavatharam festival is celebrated throughout the night at Ramarayar Mandapam in the Northern part of river Vaigai. After this event, Alagar is taken to Mysore Veera Mandapam on decorated Anantharayar Palanquin. The next morning Alagar in the form of Kallar returns to Alagar kovil in ‘Poo Pallakku'(Palanquin decorated with flowers). The Festival dramatically re-enacts the visitation of Lord Kallalagar to Madurai from Alagarkoil. People will be crowed the river to view this event. As chithirai month is going to begin, every people are eagerly waiting for this most beautiful but crowded festival.

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Ready to Experience with Jigarthanda Monkeys

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

BSEpic, the top innovative photography company, recently visited Madurai for our photo shoot. We have planned to choose the most famous hill station of KALLAZHAGAR temple as we have heard that there are several beautiful locations. The locations are truly superb and very refreshing for the eyes. Never had the heart to come back to the city as we are very much merged with nature. Our photo shoot has been completed successfully and the pictures came truly beautiful.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

The reason for choosing this temple is it is really so colorful and very traditional. The full name of this temple is “ARULMIGU KALLALAGAR THIRUKKOIL” The temple is situated in a vast area in a very greeny location, which is surrounded by several historical forts. The true attraction is the entrance of the temple, which has been built by the Pandya kings, built with the sculptures that portrait numerous epic events. According to our historical record, this temple has been built by the Pandya king Malayathuaja Pandian and Dharma Devashai. Even in our epic Silappathikaram, the beauty of this temple has been described in a fabulous manner. The temple is considered as the home of Lord Perumal, who is located in the name of “Alagar”. This is one of the remarkable locations for the best photo shoot. In the downstairs we find, Kalalazhagar temple; in the middle of the way, we can find Pazhamudircholai (one of the Arupadai Veedu – God Murugan) and finally, we can view Rakkayi temple where we found “ Theertha Vaari” – The sacred water from the river Gangai.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

Now let us describe our new friends who stole our food and some of our equipment’s. However, we have got back those. They are truly mischievous and very dangerous guys. Yes, we are talking about the Wild monkeys which are truly tricky and smart thieves. To reach the KALLALAGAR temple we have to walk through a forest for nearly 5kms to reach. It is like a trekking. These kms are truly like a “Temple run game” where we have to be very careful with these monkeys. We have seen in several movies, the monkeys have played the role of our friend like and very interactive with humans. But the truth is they are very interactive but with their own group. They communicate so well to their crew and loot our belonging so perfectly. No option will be given to us to bargain with them. However, sometimes they are so cute like when we park our vehicle; they use them as their saloon to groom up their beauty. Moreover, they look so beautiful when they pose for our clicks. These are our experience at Madurai.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

Now let us discuss their behaviours and their manner towards us: The below tips will be very useful to you, when you are planning to visit Alagarkoil, especially in summer.

  1. Monkeys can be your pet like, but our suggestion is never to feed them and do not leave food before them.
  2. They literally hate our smile and our teeth. So never show your teeth in front of them.
  3. While offering food or something, never tease them. As they may become their victim in a few minutes.
  4. If you are alone, never think to scare them. This will surely lead to some dangerous things.
  5. If you see monkeys, just move away slowly, always facing them.
  6. They always love to have a group. Even you too follow the same. Never leave your crew.

These tips were collected after our visit to this beautiful temple. Now we have a better understanding of this wild apes and we will be super prepared before we visit the temple. Similarly, these will also be useful for you to plan your vacation. And you can you’re your visit accordingly.

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