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Unsung Hero : Sujathullah

Unsung Hero


Name Sujathullah
Place Hyderabad
Career Pharma degree in Sultan UL Uloom College of Pharmacy

Every morning without fail, a 24-year-old Mohd Sujathullah wakes up early and leaves his house around 7:30 AM to reach the Koti Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad, where 300+ poor patients will be waiting in line for their morning meal.

In fact, today he has completed 604 days of offering daily handout breakfast at Niloufer Hospital and also around 180 days of free breakfast at the Koti Maternity Hospital.

This one act of kindness, began a long journey of selfless service.

Pursuing a Pharma degree from the Sultan UL Uloom College of Pharmacy, Sujathullah started off by offering dinner, drinking water and blanket for the patients. He usually saves his pocket money for purchasing these items. After that, he heads to his classes. Sujathullah has set up a foundation named as “Humanity First”, in which he has helped the needy as well. Sujathullah has a mission to make sure that no one, irrespective of race, caste, or religion is striving hard for food. He wants to create an ecosystem of charity and generosity towards the needy.


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