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Are You Ready to Increase Your Conversion Rates with Product Photography?

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The best quality product photography is an important factor for increasing capital to your E-trading store. It adjusts for clients’ failure to touch and feel the things that you’re offering. In several dress shops, people will try the dresses displayed in the hanger or displayed in the racks before deciding to buy them. However, when we talk about online shopping, there is no chance of trying the products directly. Therefore, people weigh the products by its pros and cons; reviews and comments that based on what they see and not what they feel.

Unfortunately, sometimes the real look of the product is not quite the same as its images on the website. At a point, when a customer experiences this type of issue, leads to the disappointment and returning the items. To avoid these kinds of returning issues and augmenting your conversion capital, create visually eye-catchy product images that grab customers’ attention. Below you will find 5 top ideas to create high-quality product pictures:

Not only in Product photography, in all types of photography, we need good lighting. Moreover, natural light is always better for the best photography. However, for the product photography, we cannot expect natural light, as we shoot in the studio. In addition, we need artificial or additional light setting to enhance the look of the product. Proper lighting will lead to a big difference between the normal look and the professional look of the items. Moreover, photography can be done by anyone and anywhere with their smartphones or any cameras, but they never concentrate on the shadow. The professional product photography will totally eliminate shadows that diminish the look of the product. Ample lighting will capture the real colour and texture of the products.

Close-up shots:
At the beginning of the blog, we talk about “Touch and feel” aspects of the product shopping. Now let us view how important it is. Taking Close-up shots will increase the visibility of the product in the online market. It truly breaks the unseen barrier between customers and your products. Moreover, the close-up shots will help them to view even the tiniest detail of your product. In addition, they can easily view the products zooming without the break of picture pixel.

Still standing on the topic of touching and feeling the products, shooting in various angles will give your customers to have a 3-dimensional view of your product that you are selling online. That way, they can feel your product as they can view all the sides of the products. Or if you need to give a responsive video format, your product should be taken pictures at different angles. This will show how your item is working. Furthermore, it not only provides the clear understanding to the customer but also augments the traffic on your website.

No editing:
Most vital of all, you need to keep it genuine on the online store that a potential client will need to perceive how your item can be utilized every day. Moreover, rather than over-editing a photo in Photoshop until the point when it looks extremely fake; apply it to a genuine circumstance. Over-editing will lead to customer dissatisfaction when they buy products and they don’t look alike with the pictures that are shown in the website.

Provide extra detail:
When product photography surrounds only the product picture, will not easily grab the customer. Moreover, if you provide the occasion and place to use them, will easily gain clients for your items. For example, if your product is bangle, then you can picture them with the woman wearing in the marriage occasion. This will improve the traffic of your products on the website.

These are the 5 main factors that increase Your Conversion Rates with Product Photography. To acquire beautiful and high-quality product photography images for your website, you can contact BSEpic. BSEpic, the photography company, got years of expertise in Product photography. They give a new look to your products that augment your conversion rates. Visit for more details.

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