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BSEpic – Third Short Film “India Kudimagan” – Successfully Released

India-Kudimagan - Best Tamil Short Film 2018

As the continuous Hat-trick, BSEpic has launched its third short film “INDIA KUDIMAGAN”, an emotional heart-touching film directed by our Award-winner PRITHVI MOSES. The short film has been published on 9th March 2018, as a big salute to our Incredible India. “INDIA KUDIMAGAN” is a documentary film about an old man, who has been a freedom fighter, but now his condition has been rolled out to be drunken. The film depicts the real condition of our freedom fighter and their respectful feeling towards our Indian Nation. The film lasts for 3:19 minutes and in the single location. Throughout the film, 2 BGM has been used: THE SAD BGM that has been followed to portraits the sad feeling of that old man and our National Song “VANDHE MATHARAM INSTRUMENTAL BGM”, to display his feeling while touching the National Flag. Throughout the short film INDIA KUDIMAGAN, various strong messages have been conveyed in every shot.

India-Kudimagan - Freedom Fighters Film

Short Intro about the film:
The short film has been commencing with the powerful male voice stating the true concept of this film. The whole film is about the freedom fighters who fought and sacrificed their lives for our liberty. We are living and enjoying our freedom in India, but we never thought of those people who gave their blood and soul for the freedom. The film depicts the actual condition of the freedom fighters and their state of life today. The Director has used the Sepia tone visual for the film title name and displayed the freedom fighters faces to give ancient look. Moreover, the film has been started with a question: Did we do justice to our fighters? This is the very powerful question where every person should ask and answer within us. India-Kudimagan - Freedom Fighters Film

The film starts with an old man with the BGM of War, who has been portraits as a drunken. The director has used the BGM like the sounds during the war and the British announcing our Liberty. The BGM has been used to display the real thought of an old man and what the thing is going on in his mind. Moreover, the director has displayed his uniqueness by showing the old man puts cross when seeing Temple. This action shows there is no caste and religion diversity during our freedom. In addition, he used the Old man T-shirt and his collar looks like the National Flag. In the frame 0:56, the old man has been seeing seriously to something and his face has changed the reaction. He saw the National Flag dropped in the street. People were coming and going but no one is respecting the flag. When he saw the reaction of the people towards the flag, his face will be filled with Anger. He expects someone to take that flag. However, he failed. Even with his unsteady condition, he dropped the alcohol bottle and came near the flag. He un-pleat his dhoti and took the flag. He is seen kissing the flag like he has seen the god. These actions show his love towards his Nation and the Flag. He takes the flag and pins in it T-shirt. The director displayed the strong message here. Throughout the film, so many people crossed the flag without noticing, but the old man even when he consumed alcohol; he took away and pin it in the shirt, as he wants to safeguard his mother Nation.

Furthermore, in every single frame, Director has shown his uniqueness with the message he conveyed. The background music grabbed al our hearts. We have already seen the old man, now popularly called as “Rahul Thatha” has scored the film with his fabulous acting. This short film “INDIA KUDIMAGAN” is the genuine effort of our BSE People in Creation team and their commitment towards their work. Undoubtedly, this short film “India Kudimagan” will certainly augment our respect towards our Nation and always remain with its effect.

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