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Unsung Hero : Goutham Kumar

Unsung Hero

Goutham Kumar

Name Goutham Kumar
Place Hyderabad
Career Corporate employee

“This Corporate Professional Quits his Job to Ensure that Nobody in his City Goes Hungry or Homeless”

A former corporate employee, Goutham Kumar realized that his true calling lay in serving humanity. Meet the man who is changing lives in Hyderabad.”Nobody should have to go hungry” says Goutham who left behind a lucrative profession to serve the greater good.

Having worked for a number of companies across the country, including Expedia, Goutham switched to work with full-time NGOs in Hyderabad five years ago. “I started my NGO because I wanted to serve others,” he says. “But I wanted it to be my profession, not a passion to be followed just once or twice a week. I was sure that this would be my sole purpose.” Recruiting the help of family members and well-wishers, Goutham set up Serve Needy in 2014 to assist the impoverished and homeless in the city.

Recovering leftovers to feed the hungry, better known as the Anna Daatha programme, is just one of the 14 projects Goutham is presently involved in.

Goutham and his family members, as well as four employees, work with an ever-increasing team of volunteers to aid the poor and homeless. They offer aid for cancer patients—including alternative medicine and birthday parties—at Hyderabad’s MNJ Cancer Hospital and Basawatarakam Hospital.They aid government schools, fix pot holes, identify and rescue mentally challenged individuals and even pets from the streets. Serve Needy’s special birthday parties in schools, hospitals and old age homes have garnered such a fan following that Goutham even receives special requests from sponsors.


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Unsung Hero : Shyam Bihari Prasad

Shyam Bihari Prasad

Unsung Hero

Shyam Bihari Prasad

Name Shyam Bihari Prasad
Place Delhi
Career Retired Assistant General Manager

Meet ‘Uncle’ Shyam Bihari Prasad, a Retired Assistant General Manager from BSNL Patna who teaches kids on a pavement in Vasant Kunj, Delhi.It all started during the cold winter months of 2013 when he shifted to Vasant Kunj in New Delhi to live with his daughter.This elderly gentleman would visit the Hanuman temple near his home every morning, where he would often see several children standing outside, begging the devotees for prasad. One morning, ‘Uncle’ (as he is called by everyone), gave his share of prasad to a child. On another day, he bought biscuits from the shop near the temple gate for a few other children also.

“All these children have working parents who lock up their homes when they go to work. They have to leave their kids outside to fend for themselves. Classes in the local government school start only at 10 am, so these kids beg for food outside the temple before going to school,” says Prasad.

On interacting with the kids, Prasad learnt more about their school and different classes the children attended. He also asked them some basic questions and realized they had no grasp of simple concepts in science and maths, nor any knowledge of spelling and writing in English and Hindi. One morning, he asked some of the children if they would like to study. On receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, he promised to meet them on the pavement outside the temple the next day at 8 am.

“On rainy and cold days, when it is difficult to sit in the open, we move into the temple premises. Nothing stops Uncle from taking classes,” say Pavitra and Anjali, Class VI students at the local government school.

“These children did not know how to sit or talk properly earlier. They would use abusive language to communicate with each other. Today, they have changed and help each other with studies,” says a proud Prasad.

Shyam Bihari Prasad has turned the lives of many of these children around. They are doing well in their school exams and are spending happy and fruitful mornings instead of begging on the street.


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Unsung Hero : Dhaval khatri

Dhaval khatri

Unsung Hero

Dhaval khatri

Name Dhaval khatri
Place Ahmedabad
Career Artist

Dhaval Khatri lost both his hands at the age of 14 and his school asked him to leave. But no such obstacle could stop him from continuing his education, writing all his exams by himself, playing guitar and finally – painting. Calling himself “An artist, not by choice but by chance”, Dhaval says that he has made 300 paintings till now. This is his story.

“It was the festival of Uttarayan and so I was flying kites at our relatives place. And somehow while flying the kite I held my hands on an electric wire instead of kite flying thread. I got a huge electric shock and fell down on the road from the terrace and as a result my heart stopped beating for few seconds so basically I was dead for those few seconds but then fortunately a doctor was passing by and he gave me a hands-only CPR and I was brought back to life.

I realized that life would continue to be difficult. But at the same time I was happy that I had received a new lease of life – something that a few lucky ones gain. In fact I was looking forward to make the best out of what I had been left with. Soon I was trained to do everything without hands. The school in which I was studying gave me a leaving certificate saying YOU ARE OF NO USE to us. You have no hands so obtaining education is just a dream for you.

Instead of motivating me, the principal of that school discouraged me. But I wanted to continue studying so I got myself enrolled in another school and later I even completed my graduation. But the part that will surprise you the most is that I have given exams all by myself. I used to complete my exams before three hours. I even play cricket and football. I’ve also begun playing guitar and trying to master a few pieces in it. When I was in the hospital, my mom practiced me to hold a pen or a pencil. Gradually, I turned into sketching and painting. For six full months, I dedicated myself towards it and got a grip on it. Now, I was able to draw sketches and make paintings fluently.

On one side, my schooling was going on and on the other side I was learning to paint all by myself. After my college I applied at different Universities for a course in painting but each and every university rejected me. So I started doing painting without any guidance. So far I have done around 300 paintings and also have been part of many Television shows. I get lot of orders from around the world. Recently I got an order from New Jersey for three paintings. I have also performed live painting shows all over Gujarat and also in Mumbai. I have made a painting of Salman Khan and wish to meet him and gift him his painting. So all I can say is I’M AN ARTIST NOT BY CHOICE BUT BY CHANCE.


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Unsung Hero : Munnesa Managuli

Unsung Hero

Munnesa Managuli

Name Munnesa Managuli
Place Karnataka
Career BA Graduate

A true hero from Karnataka is providing free rides to pregnant women, physically-disabled people, soldiers and people who are living in border areas.

Mr. Managuli proudly plastered his contact details over his auto and he was very much clear about to whom he has offered free service. The 42 year old BA graduate faced unemployment and that was the reason why he choosed driving auto 11years ago. Munnesa isn’t the owner of the auto but has to cough up Rs 250 a day to use the vehicle to ferry passenger.

When we asked about the inspiration behind his selfless act where Mr.Managuli narrates a heartbreaking story, one set in 1992. He was in Narayanapura village in Basavanabagewadi taluk, Karnataka where he saw a pregnant woman died in front of him. The reason was that she did not get an ambulance or any other vehicle, to visit the hospital. This incident struck him and he decided to become an auto driver who would provide free services to such people.

Mr.Managuli lost his brother so he took up the responsibility of his sister-in-law and her four daughters and wanted to give them a comfortable life. This is one of the main reasons why Munnesa is still unmarried and plans to remain the same for rest of the life.
For this humble man, it’s enough to live a life. In a world full of self-centred people, it is folks like Karnataka’s Munnesa that helps to restore our faith in humanity.


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Unsung Hero : Sujathullah

Unsung Hero


Name Sujathullah
Place Hyderabad
Career Pharma degree in Sultan UL Uloom College of Pharmacy

Every morning without fail, a 24-year-old Mohd Sujathullah wakes up early and leaves his house around 7:30 AM to reach the Koti Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad, where 300+ poor patients will be waiting in line for their morning meal.

In fact, today he has completed 604 days of offering daily handout breakfast at Niloufer Hospital and also around 180 days of free breakfast at the Koti Maternity Hospital.

This one act of kindness, began a long journey of selfless service.

Pursuing a Pharma degree from the Sultan UL Uloom College of Pharmacy, Sujathullah started off by offering dinner, drinking water and blanket for the patients. He usually saves his pocket money for purchasing these items. After that, he heads to his classes. Sujathullah has set up a foundation named as “Humanity First”, in which he has helped the needy as well. Sujathullah has a mission to make sure that no one, irrespective of race, caste, or religion is striving hard for food. He wants to create an ecosystem of charity and generosity towards the needy.


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Find the Difference Between Business Photography and Marketing Photography

BSEpic - Business and Branding Photography

Business photography and Marketing photography, both are profitable domain for the expert photographers. They are utilised for branding purposes, rather than accumulating a lifetime memory or conveying a story like in art photography. The difference between business and marketing photography is truly based on their “Focus” and “technique” used.

Business Photography

Business photographers capture images of constructions, models, commodities, product based items and landscapes that are utilised for branding purposes in magazines, newspapers, announcements and catalogues, for example. Business photographs characteristically are utilised completely in the trade and wholesale areas and in trades’ materials or for branding efforts. In business photography, the entire photo shoot will be focused on the product being photographed. The light adjustment, setting themes and fixing the background normally are rather neutral, therefore, as not to reduce from the product being promoted.

Marketing Photography

The world of marketing photography is wider than the narrower range of techniques utilised in marketing photography. The marketing photographer utilises a wide range of expert photographs to trade not only products, but existences, ideas and thoughts. The marketing photographer has better creative liberty to interpret how brand items, facilities, lifestyles and thoughts can be displayed photographically. Marketing photographers are often specialists in advertising, frames, commercial management and sales trends. Moreover, now almost every advertising company is taking advantage of photography to improve their profitability and visibility.

Business and marketing Photography Tools

Business and Marketing photographers require the latest tools and techniques to stay in the market. This comprises a digital single lens camera with several lenses. Both sides of photography need a good zoom lens and a quick, wide-angle lens essential for a wide-ranging of photo shoots. A “quick” lens has a greater maximum aperture and a rapid shutter speed, which offer the photographer high control over his camera. The expert business and marketing photographer requires the best tripod, mobile light fittings, a shade provider (Umbrella) and a few vital screens to control glare. A professional business and marketing photographers require staying updated on what companies are utilising in their productions and trade campaigns to stay competitive.

Business and marketing Photography Management

As anticipated, 70 to 75 percent of a business and marketing photographer’s task is trading and managing pictures, as different from capturing pictures. Photographic software is essential to manage and enhance a huge amount of business and marketing pictures. Most business and marketing photographers work with Adobe Photoshop and the friendly program Adobe Lightroom to develop a large amount of pictures quickly, which is necessary for working experts. Unlike landscape and other style of photography, business and marketing photography needs nearly perfect pictures achieved with the enhancing aspects in photo editing software. Business and Marketing photographic pictures must expand efficiently to an advertisement for marketing purposes.

As every business organization requires both commercial and marketing photography, we BSEpic offer both services. We help organization to enhance their products and remain unique among competitors. For more information and in order to view our portfolio, visit:

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