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BSEpic – 1st Photography Workshop Launched at Salem

BSEpic - Photography Workshop Salem

BSEpic proudly presented one-day photography workshop on 12th November between 10 AM to 7 PM, at SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Salem. Our session took place at APJ ABDUL KALAM HALL. The hall consists of 20 seats and free entry fees. Over 100 students applied but to make the session more interesting and useful we allowed only 20 students based on their interest. They attended our session to develop themselves as better photographers fit for making ideal pictures in each circumstance. Moreover, many students entered the energizing universe of photography with our one day workshop. Consequently, they have started an interest by understanding the different elements of your camera, the craft of confining the shot and making lovely structures, and seeing how to make the best utilization of encompassing light. At the end of the session, delicious foods have been provided to all the participants.

In addition, we have very much experienced proficient photographers to instruct about photography tips and traps.  As a consequent, they helped them to take in the nuts and bolts of photography, lighting setting, camera choice, embellishments, and focal point inclination to make a best photographic picture. We gladly say that this course will be useful to enhance their photography abilities, strategies, portfolio creation and wind up noticeably master in photographic innovation. Our professionals exchanged information and photography tips for various sorts of photography. Our workshop will be the primary venturing stone for the individuals who are searching for photography as a vocation.

Our workshop covered 4 main topics:
1. History of camera – Brief information about the history and little unknown facts about camera
2. Fundamentals of photography – Described the basic details of photography. Comprehension of Digital cameras and related photography equip
3. Functionalities of camera – Told about how the camera will be operated and how to use it for the best pictures. Acquaintance with all the controls in your camera
4. Professional photography – Described the techniques and skills for professionalism.

For more detail, please contact “Prithvi: 9600704660″. Our branches are as followed: Belgium, Malaysia, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Salem, Madurai and Pondicherry. Visit our professional sites: to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Explore your photography knowledge through our site.

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Everything You Need To Know About Discover Photography

Before the invention of Photography. Painting plays a major role in the emission of our portraits. Painters paid greatly for their work, as every person from little one to older, love to see their portraits in front of them. But it consumes loads of time and patience. Stand still for a single painting leads to boring. New technology was invented in 1826, to capture the pictures. Photography is an Art of Creativity. The input of bundle of creativities will be the output of best photography. Focusing a subject and dump it in the center of the frame will never work out well, which everyone does. In the earlier period, photographers followed “Monochrome Processes”. A process of taking photos in different shades with a single color. There exist only grey shades. But now we have many options to convert a picture into Monochrome such as Sepia, rose tint, green, etc. We have many types of photography which help you to improve your knowledge in Photography if you really have a thirst for photography. You will find some type of professional photography below:

Aerial Photography: This is the most dangerous photography style where pictures are captured by a flying device such as Plain, Parachute, Helicopter etc. These styles are used to capture the overview of landscape or a city, which we want to highlight. It captures all the things around the photographers.

Portrait: Most of the photographers prefer “Black and White theme” for their photo-shoot when they are about to take portraits styles. The Portrait is the style to capture a single person or group of person to describe their characters or profession. Shadows and lights play a magical role in Black and White pictures. Lights are set at an angle to highlight the subject.

Motion pictures: Most of the beautiful pictures will be created with our movements. Photographers use this technique to give real effects of the subject’s movements. Photographers can capture the flow of the rivers, waves in the sea, raining from a Sky, shooting star, lighting, etc. These will give the true essence of the events.

Candid Photography: This style is becoming very popular in Wedding ceremonies. Capturing pictures without expecting a pose. Natural poses will be more effective for our “Wedding photographs”. Photographers take pictures without disturbing the subjects. This type is most appreciable then others.

Above types are only some of the photography styles. We have many other types of Fashion, Beauty, Natural, Wildlife, Travel, Time Lapse, Macro, Underwater, Hi-speed, Panorama, Past and present, Landscape etc. Surf as much information as you can and become the best photographer. The above information will be useful for your beginning.

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Welcome to BSEpic – Make Your Wedding Photography A Reality

BSEpic is well-nigh three months since we have flourishingly completed our trial period of three months. In this period of time, our product has evolved to better. However, we’ve done a marvelous job of telling our story and documenting our progress. Now we are done with the trial period. In these three months, we have struggled, fixed up a lot of mistakes and accomplished so many things about photography.

We are culminated to amble this business confidently. From December 2nd, 2017 onwards we’re seriously involving ourself in this business and many more heights to go. BSEpic is essentially concentrating on wedding photography & videography which includes pre and post wedding shoots.

Besides we also shoot for advertisements, brochures, and short promo videos. We conceptualize, shoot and edit TV commercials, short promo videos, and video catalogs. We are ready to shoot anywhere and at any time. Our team is friendly, professional and work tirelessly for you to get the right image or footage, whatever it may take! Above all, we understand photo usage across various media platforms. We create visually compelling content for publishers, advertising agencies, design bureaus, manufacturing units, and a host of other private and government organizations. We love undertaking projects dealing with.

Our services:
• Films
Product photography
Event photography
• Pet Photography etc.

Want to experience our latest wedding tactics? Please find our contact details below. Visit once, then you will be our regular customer:

Contact person: Prithvi Moses – 9600704660

No.244, Shree Ganga, Ground Floor,
6th cross Indiranagar 1st stage,
Bangalore – 560038, Karnataka India.


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