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Ready to Experience with Jigarthanda Monkeys

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

BSEpic, the top innovative photography company, recently visited Madurai for our photo shoot. We have planned to choose the most famous hill station of KALLAZHAGAR temple as we have heard that there are several beautiful locations. The locations are truly superb and very refreshing for the eyes. Never had the heart to come back to the city as we are very much merged with nature. Our photo shoot has been completed successfully and the pictures came truly beautiful.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

The reason for choosing this temple is it is really so colorful and very traditional. The full name of this temple is “ARULMIGU KALLALAGAR THIRUKKOIL” The temple is situated in a vast area in a very greeny location, which is surrounded by several historical forts. The true attraction is the entrance of the temple, which has been built by the Pandya kings, built with the sculptures that portrait numerous epic events. According to our historical record, this temple has been built by the Pandya king Malayathuaja Pandian and Dharma Devashai. Even in our epic Silappathikaram, the beauty of this temple has been described in a fabulous manner. The temple is considered as the home of Lord Perumal, who is located in the name of “Alagar”. This is one of the remarkable locations for the best photo shoot. In the downstairs we find, Kalalazhagar temple; in the middle of the way, we can find Pazhamudircholai (one of the Arupadai Veedu – God Murugan) and finally, we can view Rakkayi temple where we found “ Theertha Vaari” – The sacred water from the river Gangai.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

Now let us describe our new friends who stole our food and some of our equipment’s. However, we have got back those. They are truly mischievous and very dangerous guys. Yes, we are talking about the Wild monkeys which are truly tricky and smart thieves. To reach the KALLALAGAR temple we have to walk through a forest for nearly 5kms to reach. It is like a trekking. These kms are truly like a “Temple run game” where we have to be very careful with these monkeys. We have seen in several movies, the monkeys have played the role of our friend like and very interactive with humans. But the truth is they are very interactive but with their own group. They communicate so well to their crew and loot our belonging so perfectly. No option will be given to us to bargain with them. However, sometimes they are so cute like when we park our vehicle; they use them as their saloon to groom up their beauty. Moreover, they look so beautiful when they pose for our clicks. These are our experience at Madurai.

BSEpic - Madurai Photography Kallalalagar Temple

Now let us discuss their behaviours and their manner towards us: The below tips will be very useful to you, when you are planning to visit Alagarkoil, especially in summer.

  1. Monkeys can be your pet like, but our suggestion is never to feed them and do not leave food before them.
  2. They literally hate our smile and our teeth. So never show your teeth in front of them.
  3. While offering food or something, never tease them. As they may become their victim in a few minutes.
  4. If you are alone, never think to scare them. This will surely lead to some dangerous things.
  5. If you see monkeys, just move away slowly, always facing them.
  6. They always love to have a group. Even you too follow the same. Never leave your crew.

These tips were collected after our visit to this beautiful temple. Now we have a better understanding of this wild apes and we will be super prepared before we visit the temple. Similarly, these will also be useful for you to plan your vacation. And you can you’re your visit accordingly.

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