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BSEpic – 2nd Photography Workshop Successfully Launched at Fatima College Madurai

As a worthy start of the New Year 2018, BSE pic has commenced its first project with the One Day Photography Workshop, conducted on 22nd January 2018 at FATIMA COLLEGE, MADURAI. The workshop started around 11am, nearly 35 students participated in this workshop. They were truly very creative and interactive as our workshop filled with several questions and beautiful thoughts.

We covered 4 major topics that gave profound knowledge to the budding participants. The topics were History of Camera (interesting information about the camera); Fundamentals of Photography (Basic operation of the Camera); Functionalities of Camera (Workflow of the Digital Camera) and Professional photography (Involves tips and tactics). Furthermore, students learned about photography through our excellent guidance with power-point projects. A general assumption is girls will never be that much creative and attentive, but to be honest, we found that the girl participants are more interactive and enthusiastic to explore the domain than boys.

We proudly say that through this workshop, the participants will improve their knowledge in creativity, strategies, and techniques in photography. These tips and tactics would certainly help them to become the professional photographers.

As a compliment, we had provided them a valid Certification as a gift of participation in the photography Workshop. The certification had been offered by our Creative Head of BSEpic – MR. PRITHVI MOSES. He is a skilled photographer, instructor, and versatile short filmmaker. He won the award “The Best Cinematographer” for his first ever short film – “Doctor Gandhi”. His innovation takes him to Judging level in photography. He is one of our priding pillars in BSEpic – People in Creation.

For more detail, please contact “Prithvi: 9600704660″. Visit our professional site:  to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Enhance and improve your knowledge through our innovative site.

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BSEpic Second Photography Workshop at Fatima College Madurai

Join us for our second photography workshop going to happen in Madurai. BSEpic is literally planning to conduct one-day photography workshop for the budding photographers on 22nd January 2018, around 10 AM to 4 PM, at FATIMA COLLEGE, MADURAI. Our workshop is going to happen in a hall that involves 20 seats and free entry pass. To make our session more interactive and more interesting, we prefer only 20 students who want to be the professional photographer. The choice will base on your core of interest and your lively participation. Anyone can be the participant and get profound knowledge from our experts.

The main attraction towards this workshop is all our photography experts are going to be the part of it. Our workshop covers mainly 4 aspects: History of Camera; Fundamentals of Photography; Functionalities of Camera and Professional photography. Our experts are going to give an elaborated speech on each topic which considered as the basics of photography. The session will be helpful for you to understand the basis of your camera, the art of binding the shot and making flawless pictures, and perceiving how to make the best usage of natural light. We happily say that this course will be helpful to improve your photography style, creativity and technique in photographic advancement. Our experts will trade data and photography tips. Our workshop will be the essential wandering stone for the people who are looking for photography as a passion.

Our workshop covered 4 main topics:
1. History of the camera – A short history of photography camera and some interesting information about its parts and features.
2. Fundamentals of photography – Information about the basics of operating a camera and complete details about the digital cameras and its equipment’s.
3. Functionalities of the camera – This topic covers the workflow of camera and how to make use of it to snap the splendid pictures.
4. Professional photography – This session involves the techniques, strategies and skills for photography.

For more detail, please contact Prithvi – Creative Head: +91 9600704660

Visit our professional site: to view our portfolio and our photography products and services. Explore your photography knowledge through our site.

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The Advantages of Film Cameras in a Digital Age

While technological progression and development generally makes life simpler and more convenient, ancient equipment has its profits in certain circumstances. This can be extending to photography, as Film cameras have its profits in particular situation. To best comprehend why this grasps true, one should understand in what way film cameras work.  Let’s view details information about Film cameras below:

Three important elements:
Film cameras consist of mainly three elements:

(1) The lensA curved piece of cut-glass that gathers and readdresses the refracted light to form a real image. In general, the lens is drawn nearer to or facilitate far from the film surface to centre.
(2) The film Film comprises of a gathering of modest light-touchy grains dispersed in a synthetic suspension on a portion of plastic. Colour film comprises three layers of light-delicate materials that react to red, green, and blue light. At the point when the film is produced it is presented to chemicals that colour the layers of the film. Colour data is overlapped from every one of the three layers to make a full-colour
(3) The camera body The camera body is a fixed box with a screen that opens and closes between the focal point and the film. This enables light to achieve the film for a set measure of time.

Advantages of Film camera:
Higher Resolution: Digital camera is launched from Pixel; moreover, the picture sensor determination depends on the number of pixels on the sensor. This we call “the Resolution”. Therefore, digital sensors are inclined to bending due to the moiré impacts. However, film camera won’t influenced by this issue.

Various sensor sizes: Digital camera contains only limited picture sensors smaller than 35mm film frame, consequently, leads to various issues like pixel noise and light sensitivity. Moreover, we can find numerous varieties of sensor sizes in film cameras ranging from 35mm to 135mm. As a consequence, film cameras provide “great resolution” than Digital.

No Dust issue: As digital camera cannot take photographs once dirt touches its sensor. Nevertheless, dust reaches the sensor; film camera will do its duty.

Reliability: Negatives have higher trustworthiness than digital photographs. At the end of the day, negatives are taken as a confirmation of the picture credibility. There are great deals of projects that enable you to alter digital pictures. Accordingly, the extension for misrepresentation of digital photographs is more extensive, which is not valid for film photography.

Storing: Film cameras eliminate all storage medium. The one and only major element is a film reel. However, for digital cameras, large memory cards and hard drives are needed to pile pictures.  If the storage medium is harmed, you will discover it to a great degree difficult to recover the pictures you shot. The majority of the information will be gone until the end of time. This adds to the exertion and cost. In the event of film cameras, you don’t have any of these issues.

Conclusion: Despite the fact that the film photography will be no more, but experts still trust that film photography has a lot of points of interest and offers preferred quality photographs over advanced.

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To Find A Complete Tips For Street Photography

BSEpic - Street Photography

Street photography is becoming familiar among the photographers. However it is pretty simple, yet there exist numerous aspects that you have to consider while you quest for street photographs. The esthetical sense of street photography is approximately recording unremarkable life and people on the streets. You can discover chances to hone Street photography all over and you don’t really need to go to catch incredible shots. It’s a sort of photography normally done openly without authorization and without your subject’s information. You may detect an intriguing character that gets your vision; you can meander up to outsiders and request consent to take their photo. Keep in mind, you will likely catch the feeling, mankind, and portray a man’s character. The below tips will surely make you the best street photographer.

1. Give priority to the lens: Choosing the best lens for street photography is not that much easier task. Using a wide angle lens can help you to merge in a busy crowd, instead of presenting like a scary person standing across the road with the giant lens. Most of the street photographers prefer a smaller size camera as it is compact, easy to carry and subtle.
2. Camera settings: When you think that you are ready for street photography, then you must get your camera ready with “Aperture Priority Mode”, for the reason that you can miss the moment while changing the mode. Moreover, always target for wide aperture and background blur, high shutter speed is the bonus.
3. Closer your target: Engage your shoot with the eyes of the target, because their fabulous eyes can tell you numerous stories. Using of wide angle lens is the major purpose of getting things closer. On the off chance that your pictures aren’t the way you envisioned them, at that point you may need to get nearer, so utilize your feet as your zoom to make certain you’re in the ideal place at the correct time.
4. Keep your camera as your shadow: Street photography is natural and spontaneous. Your camera is an expansion of yourself — it’s your portal to imparting your vision to the world and you would prefer not to miss an astonishing photograph opportunity by not having your camera with you. If you really want to be the best street photographer, you will include your camera constantly within your reach.
5. Avoid your mind voice: If you are concern about your subject’s angry and surrounded by fear, then discovering an interesting spot to sit with your camera is the best way to overcome these concerns. Seeing from a comfortable location you’ll feel relax and can sit tight for pictures to come to you. You are more averse to be seen sitting outside a cafe with your camera than remaining amidst the road.
6. Shoot at a lower angle: Best street photography can be shoot when camera placed at your eye. However, there are times, where you have to shoot with the camera from the hip. Sometime, it will be awkward, standing in front of the people with a camera at our eye. Therefore try to place your camera at a lower angle to click an interesting shot.
7. Night shoot gives more effects: Night shoot is not much easier as shooting in the day time. Moreover, you need slow shutter speed to avoid blur background. Your ISO and Aperture can compensate for low light. Dark shadow subjects are intriguing and can make pleasant pieces with the shadow filling the forefront.
8. Unbox your thinking: Most people think in a way that street photography is certainly with people and things that walk and run around the street, but it’s something different with a normal idea. You don’t generally require individuals in outline, or catching intriguing juxtapositions or fitting the same number of various individuals or articles into the outline. There are limitless open doors for a wide range of pictures with or without individuals.
9. Quality is just a part: This statement can be a controversy among photographers, as they stress on image quality. For the street photography, structure, light, show and the story you are attempting to tell are of more vital than picture quality. On the off chance that your pictures catch those four things, at that point, you’re on the correct way to turning into an extraordinary street photographer.

Conclusion: The topmost point which is not mentioned in the above list is “Enjoy your work”. Street photography needs to be captured when our mind and eye enjoy what we see. This leads to the best pictures you have ever captured.

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What Kind of Photography Do You Want?

BSEpic - Photography Services

Whenever we come through the expression “photography”, people give or propose suggestions on various photography styles which they think the best. Moreover, selecting photography styles truly depends on our personal judgement. Few people like “Candid”, and few like “Portraits”. Photography spread out its boundary by its variability. In our earlier days, we have only a particular type that is “Black and White” photography. Then Monochrome photography style came into fashion, a process of captivating pictures in a single colour with different shades. However, in today’s digital world, plenty of techniques and styles have been introduced. For example, the 10 most famous types of photography are:

1) Landscape Kind of photography that highlights extensive spans of space, of expansive terrains, or of the world. These pictures are intended to include the great size of nature
2) Fashions Kind of photography including style and dressing, regularly with proficient female models. Whole businesses are committed to design, which incorporates form magazines
3) Fine Art Photography that is established in the imaginative or subjective vision of a photographer, instead of illustrative photography, (for example, photojournalism) which represents unaltered reality.
4) Portrait Photography that is tied in with depicting the temperament, identity, and articulation of a man or gathering of people. The concentration is normally the face, however, a more distant zoom to a half-or full-body is now and again done.
5) Wildlife Sort of photography that records creatures in their characteristic environment. It is frequently extremely difficult to photo creatures, since not exclusively does a photographer should be right on the money with their specialized abilities yet they additionally need to approach creatures without being recognized.
6) Wedding– Wedding photographers use an assortment of photography styles to give wedding scope. Totally wedding scope requires the photographer to be great at large scale, representation, photojournalistic, artistic work, form, scene, and activity/sports photography.
7) Macro Kind of photography that delineates extraordinary close-up shots of little questions. Thusly, the subjects can have all the earmarks of being significantly overwhelming size.
8) Photojournalism or Candid Photography that records an occasion or story as it is unfurling. The photographer is to maintain constancy to reality, frankly and fair while recounting the story.
9) Architectural Photography that depicts the sentiment being around an assembled situation. It is tied in with depicting tastefully satisfying structures and structures.
10) Black & White Photography that highlights pictures in highly contrasting, i.e. shades of dark, in which the interest lies in the monochromatic character of the style.

Professional photographers of Bsepic have the profound knowledge of all styles, in addition, specialized in Candid wedding photography that is used to capture pictures when in motion. They are also expertise in Portrait and Product photography.

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BSEpic – As a Jury at Loyola College Photography Competition 2017

BSEpic felt honored and privileged to have asked to be the jury for “The photography Competition” conducted by Loyola College, Chennai, a challenging job of picking pertinent excellence, discerning trends, and charting upcoming thoughts and specialists.  Mr.Prithvi – Creative Head, whose views extends to all direction, played a role of Jury on behalf of BSEPIC. The Photography competition is the best honour, recognized as a significant place to discover novel and rising talent, different and essential explanations on our society, and inventive spaces that wonder, transfer and inspire us.

The competition took place on 15th December at 1 PM in Loyola College (Chennai). Photographers of all age, foundations and experience levels are welcomed to enter their best single pictures for an opportunity to participate in that photography competition. This contest took place as an opportunity to recognize the exceptional works of growing photographers by the creative community. It has become a dream of fame for the one whose passion is photography.

The contest has been considered as the best opportunity to explore the talent of budding photographers to the group of professionals and public. Many artists have utilized and grabbed a chance by participating in this competition to show the experts some of their excellence in reflection, imagination and originality. The competition has been stretched to grant the best single pictures from over different classifications, from Architecture to Street Photography. Limitedness is prohibited for the participants. Several people from various colleges participated and explored their miles-stones.

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